Black Widow Should Have Been A Disney Plus Show

Black Widow Should Have Been A Disney Plus Show

Black Widow Should Have Been A Disney Plus Show

The theatrical release of black WidowMarvel fans was able to see the film in theatres for about a year and a half after it was released. The latest MCU entry is now available on the big screen. After the Disney Plus shows, Phase 4 of MCU has kicked off with a bang. It’s thrilling to see it in motion in the film department. HoweverBlack WidowIt was criticized for being slow and coming out after the main character is dead in the main timeline. This is a problem that fans have been asking for for years. However, it was refreshing to finally see a Marvel movie and be reminded of the MCU’s bread-and-butter.

Black Widow is a solid middle-tier MCU movie. It had many great elements and explored some intriguing themes. However, it fell flat in many areas. One problem is that the topics they discuss don’t get as well fleshed out. The movie doesn’t take a lot of time to actually delve into Natasha’s past trauma, or the implications of a lot of the themes that it brings up, which leaves it feeling a bit hollow. It could have been made better by Black Widow being a Disney Plus series and having multiple episodes to explore its characters and themes.

One problem with the MCU Disney Plus movies is that they don’t show enough character development in the MCU. Marvel has been criticized for not developing characters enough in the past, and now with the option to make longer-form content on Disney Plus, if Marvel really wants to make a character-driven story, it might be wiser to shift it to the streaming platform. This is not to say movies don’t have great character development. In fact, many MCU movies have excellent examples of that. However, they have the option to go deeper with a TV series.

Black Widow could have worked well as an animated series on Disney Plus and would have been similar in tone and style with The Falcon. Having multiple episodes would have given Black Widow a chance to further explore the really interesting themes and ideas that are brought up in the movie and are never fully fleshed out. Some characters are not used as much as they should.

These themes would have been explored more effectively in a Disney Plus miniseries. It would also have felt less odd for a Black Widow prequel miniseries to be an add-on series on Disney Plus, rather than a major theatrical release. It is really strange for Phase 4 to start with a movie that basically goes back in history (and not in a fun Endgame/ Loki kinda way) and takes place after Civil War. Although it would be difficult to move one of the few MCU stories featuring a female lead to streaming rather than the wide theatrical release, this story may have been more effective on a smaller screen.

What are some possible topics that a Black Widow series might have explored? It could have provided more depth and development for characters that were underused in the film. Taskmaster is a really interesting idea for a character, especially the way they changed her story from that of her comic counterpart. She was not used to her full potential in this movie. It left that part feeling hollow because we didn’t really get into her circumstances or her abilities. It would have been wonderful to see her fight with Alexei or any deep resentment towards Natasha, instead of just forgiving her.

Melina, another character who was not well-written in the story, was also a problem. It would have been much more compelling to see her struggle with her ideals and morality, rather than almost instantly being forgiven by her family and working for the side of the heroes. She was a complex and interesting character with the potential to be so much more. Perhaps she believes she is working for Russia’s protection when she works in the Red Room, but she seems to believe that Dreykov should be her enemy right away. There’s no atonement for past actions, which is especially strange considering how upsetting it is for Yelena to learn that the mind control she was under for years was Melina’s invention. This sense of betrayal, and their efforts to rebuild their relationship, would make a compelling storyline that the movie didn’t have enough time to explore.

The film seems to have rushed so many plot points and so many potential character moments were lost in favor of action scenes. It’s not a bad thing that action scenes are necessary for Marvel movies, especially one such as Black Widow. However, after watching Disney Plus shows that allow characters to talk about their traumas and how they relate to each other, it can be jarring to return to Marvel movies that don’t go as deep with their characters. This was supposed to be Natasha’s movie, and yet we never got a full view of her feelings towards her past and what happened to her; if anything, we learn more about Yelena in this movie than we ever do about Natasha.

Many of these elements could have been explored on film, provided they carefully wrote the script. It wouldn’t take them long to explore these ideas or to get to know their characters. The film is filled with simple moments that show the character’s emotions. If they had more time to tell their story, it would have been easier for them both to devote time to the characters and the action scenes. It will be fascinating to see how the MCU evolves now that Disney Plus is an option. They might expose Marvel’s weaknesses in character building within the film contexts.

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