Pokemon GO: How to Beat Giovanni (August 2021)

Pokemon GO: How to Beat Giovanni (August 2021)

Pokemon GO: How to Beat Giovanni (August 2021)

Team GO Rocket members are still following their old schemes. Pokemon Go. Some players might have access to the following resources as they work to build Rocket Radars to defeat the evil organization’s leader. Super Rocket Radar. Giovanni is the head boss of the team.

Giovanni, who is at the top of Team GO Rocket’s ranks, will be the most difficult NPC trainer battle players can face in Pokemon GO. It is worth the effort to defeat him, though, because he holds a rare and legendary Pokemon that players can rescue once Giovanni has been defeated.

Giovanni, like all trainers, will use three Pokemon to fight him. His first and third Pokemon will remain the same. However, he has three options for his second-party slot. Every Pokemon has its weaknesses and resistances, which players should keep in mind when fighting.

Giovanni’s First Pokemon: Persian

Giovanni’s first Pokemon, as previously stated, will always be Persian. It is a pure Normal-type, making it only weak to Fighting-type moves while also only resisting Ghost-type moves.

Persian is the weakest of all Giovanni’s Pokemon. The battle against Persian is a great way to get Giovanni to waste his Protect Shields so he can’t use them on the more powerful Pokemon. If you are looking to quickly get Persian out of your way, then this is the best option.

Lucario– Counter and Aura Sphere

Conkeldurr– Dynamic Punch and Counter

BreloomDynamic Punch and Counter

Machamp– Dynamic Punch and Counter

Blaziken– Counter and Focus Blast

Giovanni’s second Pokemon – Machamp (Golem), Or Cloyster

Unprepared players may find it difficult to deal with each of the three Pokemon Giovanni can send as his second Pokemon. To ensure that you have enough resources to defeat Giovanni’s third and last Pokemon, it is important to eliminate them quickly.

The first of the Pokemon that Giovanni might use second is Machamp. This Pokemon is a pure Fighting-type, which means it is immune to Fairy, Flying, and Psychic-type moves. It also resists damage from Bug and Rock-type moves. The best countermeasures against this Pokemon are:

YveltalGust and Hurricane

RayquazaHurricane and Air Slash

StaraptorBrave Bird and Wing Attack

Therian TornadusGust and Hurricane

MewtwoConfusion and Return

Giovanni could also consider Golem, a dual-rock and ground-type Pokemon. This Pokemon’s typing makes it weak to Water, Grass, Ground, Ice, Steel, and Fighting-type moves. It can also resist damage from Normal, Rock and Flying, Fire, Electric, and Poison-type moves. The best countermeasures are:

KinglerBubble and Crabhammer

Kyogre– Hydro Pump and Waterfall

Roserade– Solar Beam and Razor Leaf

SceptileBullet Seed and Frenzy Plant

BreloomBullet Seed and Grass Knot

Cloyster is the last Pokemon Giovanni can send as his second Pokemon. It is a dual Water- and Ice-type Pokemon. This makes it vulnerable to Fighting, Rock and Electric moves, as well as Grass-type moves. It additionally doesn’t have too many resistances with it only resisting damage from Water and Ice-type moves. These are the best Pokemon to quickly defeat it:

Lucario– Counter and Aura Sphere

Therian ThundurusThunder Shock, Thunderbolt

Zekrom– Wild Charge and Charge Beam

RampardosSmack Down and Rock Slide

Attack Form Deoxys– Zen Headbutt, Zap Cannon

Giovanni’s Third Pokémon – Ho-Oh

The last Pokemon Giovanni will use up until September 1st, 2021 is Shadow Ho-Oh. It will be available for anyone who defeats Giovanni. Players will have to defeat it with all they have.

Ho-Oh is a dual Fire and Flying-type Pokemon, making it weak to Rock, Electric, and Water-type moves. However, it can also resist damage from Ground and Fire, Steel as well as Fighting, Fairy, Steel, Fighting, and Bug-type moves. This is why the best Pokemon to use against this mythical bird is:

HippowdonThunder Fang (Rock) and Weather Ball

Manectric– Wild Charge and Charge Beam

Tangrowth– Rock Slide and Infestation

Kingdra– Hydro Pump and Waterfall

BlazikenCounter and Stone Edge

Pokemon is available on iOS and Android.


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