Genshin Impact: All Kid Kujirai/Temari Challenge Locations

Genshin Impact: All Kid Kujirai/Temari Challenge Locations

Genshin Impact: All Kid Kujirai/Temari Challenge Locations

The majority of chests are made from steel; Genshin ImpactPlayers earn most of their quests through exploration. In the Inazuma area, several optional world quests will give you high-value chests. The “Temari Game” quest by Kid Kujirai is a great world quest for players who want to increase their Primogem count quickly.

Genshin Impact players can unlock 6 “Temari” game challenges in Inazuma by completing the quest. Players will receive a Precious chest with 10 Primogems for completing each challenge.

Players must start the quest by heading to the Byakko Plain waypoint. Players will find a small child named “Kid Kujirai” near the waypoint. Kid Kujirai will be available to assist you in completing the “Temaria Game” world quest.

Temari is a game where players must locate the “Temari ball” within 30 seconds. The “distance to target” tracker is located at the top and allows players to locate the ball.

Once you have completed the introduction quest, you can now find Kid Kujirai in Inazuma to challenge him to a game Temari. To challenge Kid Kujirai, players have six locations to choose from. Unlike the introductory quest, each Kid Kujirai challenge location consists of three rounds that players must complete to receive the Precious chest reward.


The first Temari challenge location is found West of the Araumi waypoint located in Narukami Island. Jump off the cliff west of the waypoint and glide down to Kid Kujirai’s beach.


East of Inazuma City is the second Temari challenge. Players must start at the Inazuma City Waypoint and glide to the island east of the city.


The third challenge location is found in the south of the Tatarasuna region in Kannazuka. Teleport to the southern Tatarasuna point, jump off the cliff south and glide to Kid Kujirai’s position.

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