Why PUBG Changed Its Name

Why PUBG Changed Its Name

Why PUBG Changed Its Name

PlayerUnknown’s BattleGroundsThe game known as ‘Battle Royale,’ the catalyst for the current battle royale trend in the games industry, has been renamed. The name of the game has been changedPUBG: BattlegroundsMany has pointed out that it feels redundant. It is absurd that the grandfather of all battle-royale shooters would be gone by. Battlegrounds of PlayerUnknown. It turns out that there was a reason the developer changed its name. However, it doesn’t make the new title any less funny for the uninformed.

PUBG: Battlegrounds was once a top-ranked battle royale game, but it has fallen behind free-to-play battle royales such as Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Call of Duty: Warzone. Although it has a loyal fan base, it’s not the mainstay of the battle royale genre. However, all that could be changing is Krafton and PUBG Corporation attempting to expand the PUBG brand.

Name Change for ‘PUBG: Battlegrounds

The reason for the addition of the “Battlegrounds” subtitle to PUBG is due to the expansion of the PUBG brand. With the addition of multiple properties across different media, PUBG will not only refer to the battle royale shooter. Instead, it’s becoming the name for the franchise, and the name “Battlegrounds” will refer to the battle royale. Although it might seem confusing at first, fans will likely continue to refer to the battle royale under the name PUBG. Official press releases and media clarity will be provided with the new subtitle “Battlegrounds.”

Krafton and the PUBG Corporation have made recent announcements that outline exactly how the PUBGuniverse will expand. Fans of The Callisto Protocol were confused when Glen Schofield, the game’s director, said that it would be set within the PUBG universe. The PUBG universe was essentially PUBG at that time. However, with recent announcements of PUBG New State and an untitled PUBG animated series, the fictional universe is growing. Although it is not clear what connections The Callisto Protocol has to the expanding PUBG world, more PUBG media releases will be released over the next few months.

PUBG: New State is coming exclusively to mobile devices, set for release later this year. Although it’s not clear how New State will differ from vanilla Battlegrounds, it appears that it is different enough that the PUBG Corp views it as a distinct game. The game is not yet available on PC and consoles, but it seems the next step for anyone looking to invest more in the expanding PUBGuniverse.

Adi Shankar is currently working on an animated adaptation of PUBG: New State. Shankar was, among other things, the showrunner and executive producer of the Netflix Castlevania series, which aired its last episode. Although the show is still in its early stages, it will hopefully build on the limited lore established by Battlegrounds. Although there is no title for the project, it will likely follow the New State and Battlegrounds naming conventions. It will most likely use the “PUBG” prefix.

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