Genshin Impact: Dreams of Sword Art Quest Guide

Genshin Impact: Dreams of Sword Art Quest Guide

Genshin Impact: Dreams of Sword Art Quest Guide

Through Genshin Impact’s locale of Inazuma, players will discover no lack of NPCs who need their help. In the south of the Tatarasuna district, Genshin Impact players will experience an anonymous Samurai who is, tragically, experiencing an awful case from amnesia.

In this world journey, players will be entrusted with endeavoring to recover the Samurai’s recollections by acquiring an assortment of things dispersed throughout Inazuma. While the “Fantasies of Sword Art” world journey might be longer than most world missions in the Inazuma update, players will be lavishly compensated with 40 Primogems upon its culmination.

In the wake of interfacing with the Nameless Samurai, the player’s first target will be to assist with recovering his recollections through battle. During this piece of the mission, players will have 60 seconds to overcome the Samurai in a fast duel.

Quest For The Blade Mentioned By The Nameless Samurai

Whenever players have crushed the Samurai, their next target will be to discover a sword to assist them with recapturing their lost recollections. To discover the sword, quick travel to the waypoint closest to the Kujo Encampment. Players will discover the sword on a little island west of the camp.

sword area

Please get back to the Nameless Samurai and give him the sword. Now, players should, indeed, rout the Nameless Samurai in an additional 60-second duel.

Get some information about The Wine.

After dueling the Nameless Samurai briefly, he will request that the player acquire a wine that he drank at one of the places to stay. To discover the wine, head to the Kujo Encampment and address Matsudaira. After a short discussion, players will get the wine and can get back to the Nameless Samurai.

When players return to the Nameless Samurai and present the wine, the Samurai will recall his name as Masanori. With his recollections gradually starting to return, players will again be approached to duel the Samurai.

Quest For The Blade Mentioned By “Masanori”

The last item that players will be entrusted with acquiring for Masanori is a cutting edge he saw as he escaped from a fight in the Tidal Flats. To discover the edge, head toward the eastern side of Nazuchi Beach. Around here, players will track down a little boat that has been stranded, with a few Samurai inside. Rout the Samurai and acquire the sword from the stone close to the boat.

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