Splitgate Developers Reveal Surprising Fact About the Game

Splitgate Developers Reveal Surprising Fact About the Game

Split gate Developers Reveal Surprising Fact About the Game

Developer 1047 Games describes Splitgate as a hybrid of Halo and Portal. While it’s yet to eclipse the popularity of its inspirations, the game’s unique mechanics have earned it a respectable following. However, it seems that players haven’t quite found everything in the free-to-play multiplayer FPS.

On Tuesday, the official Splitgate Twitter account informed fans that there is still one combination of Portal Walls that no player ever discovered. Naturally, fans were immediately curious which ones, a question 1047 has so far declined to answer.

In Splitgate, players can navigate the game’s arenas with the aid of a wrist-mounted Portal Gun. Like in Valve’s Portal, players can’t just open portals wherever they want. Instead, there are designated Portal walls of various sizes, shapes, and placement. These included square, rectangular, circular, and even cube-shaped “Walls,” which players can find attached to the walls, ceiling, or floor.

Again, 1047 Games haven’t specified which pair of walls the tweet referenced. The Splitgate developers aren’t offering any hints either and will not even say which map the unpaired Portal Walls are on. Every time another Twitter user asked, the Splitgate account responded with a GIF of a smirking golden retriever. The game’s account responded similarly when asked how the developers knew no one had ever used that combination. Presumably, that is just one of the many statistics developers record to monitor player engagement.

1047 Games likely hopes keeping it a secret will encourage players to play more Splitgate matches on more maps in the hope of finding the unused combination of walls. However, it may take a while to find. The game offers ten basic maps in addition to the six Simulation maps unique to specific game modes. Each features a multitude of Portal Walls with hundreds, if not thousands, of combinations.

The fact that no player has connected them yet does suggest one or both may be in non-obvious or otherwise out-of-the-way parts of the map. So that may narrow down the search somewhat, although only time will tell. Hopefully, 1047 at least gives fans the courtesy of telling them when someone eventually links the pair.

Split gate recently became one of the top ten most-played multiplayer games on Steam. Last weekend, the free-to-play FPS broke 68,000 concurrent players. That’s more than six times the game’s previous 11,000 player record. Both are respectable numbers for a still new and relatively unknown multiplayer shooter from a small independent developer. Still, Splitgate has seen a meteoric rise in popularity in the last few months. That likely means it won’t be long before someone discovers the missing combination.

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