Destiny 2: New Witch Queen Teaser Confirms a Big Leak

Destiny 2: New Witch Queen Teaser Confirms a Big Leak

Destiny 2: New Witch Queen Teaser Confirms a Big Leak

Dataminers have a tendency to target certain games, particularly MMOs and other massive titles. Hidden game files can often reveal information about the future state of the game. But,Destiny 2The leaks seem more malicious than just a few dataminers. This is because there have been so many leaks over the past few months that turned out to be genuine. Bungie has tweeted a teaser trailer today.Destiny 2The Witch Queen expansion allows players to see Savathun in her real form. They can also enter deep waters where drowned Hive corpses are floating.

Although players won’t see Savathun’s actual face, the images of her body and regalia are enough to confirm that it is indeed one of those leaks. It is very similar to Savathun’s leaked image for The Witch Queen. This was an enhanced version of what looked like early concept artwork for Destiny 2. Many players believed the image was fake. It showed the Hive God holding a Ghost above her shoulder. The reasoning was that Savathun wouldn’t ever receive the Traveler’s Light.

Savathun’s Appearance, and Alleged Destiny 2 Leaks

The image looked fake because it was blurred due to the AI scaling process. Many fans quickly found common ground between the leaked images and the official images from the previous Seasons in Season 2. All the images for Season of the Hunt, Season of the Chosen, and Season of the Splicer had a similar aesthetic, with the main characters involved at the image’s center and a few key colors associated with the Season present in the image. The leaked image of Savathun, the Witch Queen expansion, has the exact same design and layout as the previous three Seasons. This gives the leak some credibility.

Another alleged leak was the extended version of “notepad leak”, which correctly predicted many of the events in Seasons 1 and 2. It also gave the name of Season 15. Extended versions of the leak mentioned that Savathun would receive the Traveler’s light for herself and possibly some of the Hive. Many players think the leak bears little to no credibility because of a few key factors, but it was also the first mention of Savathun getting a Ghost in The Witch Queen expansion.

Bungie’s most recent tweet suggests that all this could be true when The Witch King arrives in February 2022. It’s likely that this will be revealed tomorrow during Bungie’s showcase of the expansion before Season of the Lost launches. There are many implications to Savathun receiving a Ghost or the Light. If this happens, there could be ramifications in Destiny2‘s universe.

It shares a common theme with Season of the Chosen as well as Season of the Splicer. Long-time enemies, the Cabal and Eliksni, turned out to be potential allies during the coming war against the Darkness. Could Savathun be an ally as well, after all? It remains to be seen. The fact that Savathun appears the same in the leaked image doesn’t necessarily mean that this will happen. Bungie might have a different plan.

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