Psychonauts 2: How Long to Beat

Psychonauts 2: How Long to Beat

Psychonauts 2: How Long to Beat

Psychonauts 2Picks up from wherePsychonauts in Ruin’s RhombusIt picks up where the previous episode left off and centers on Raz, who is now a Psychonaut intern. He guides Raz through a variety mental worlds. Fans will progress through these highly-anticipated levels.PlatformerSome may wonder how long they will enjoy the experience. This guide will shed some light on this matter. Players will find information on the duration of the experience.Psychonauts 2You can find the rest of this article.

How long does it take to beat psychonauts 2

Players should expect to complete Psychonauts 2 within 15 to 20 hours. This estimate assumes that most fans will concentrate on the main storyline, while the higher-end will apply to those who engage with the optional content. Fans can track down all of the collectibles in this optional content, which allows them to extend their playtimes.

The original Psychonauts is a similar game to its sequel in terms of average completion times. The main story takes 12 hours to complete, while the game’s completionists can expect to spend closer to 22 hours. Psychonauts 2 offers a similar experience to the original Psychonauts.

Psychonauts 2: Optional Content

Players who want to extend their experience with the game should look into its many collectibles. These collectibles can be described as Safes, Emotional Baggage and Figments. There are many of them throughout Psychonauts 2. There are many achievements that can be achieved when you find the different collectibles in the game. This is sure to make them very interesting for trophy hunters.

Sidequests are also available for achievement-oriented players. There are many trophies associated with them. This guide won’t go into details about these optional undertakings. However, Psychonauts 2 fans who want to spend as much time in the game’s world as possible should keep an eye out for them. If they want to complete 100%, players should plan to invest a lot of effort in ranking up and purchasing upgrades.

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