Young Bucks Tease Adam Cole’s Move To AEW

Young Bucks Tease Adam Cole's Move To AEW

Young Bucks Tease Adam Cole’s Move To AEW

After his defeat at NXT TakeOver36, Adam Cole could be leaving NXT or WWE. After Cole’s match ended, The Young Bucks teased that they might be able to host a new match.AEWCole, run

It was previously reported that Cole’s WWE contract was expiring and that he had agreed to sign a short extension through NXT TakeOver 36. It seems that Cole may have left WWE.

The Young Bucks are the current AEW World tag team champions and often use Twitter to tease major news. This time it could be Cole’s reunion. The Young Bucks asked fans to visit their new Twitter bio after Cole’s defeat against Kyle O’Reilly at TakeOver 36. Fans will find a link that takes them to the YouTube clip “The Most Infamous Sances in History”. This seance is a subtle reference to Cole. The Young Bucks star alongside Kenny Omega on their YouTube channel “Being The Elite,” where fans can watch their adventures both inside and outside of the ring. Many familiar faces are featured on the channel, including those under contract with AEW. Before signing with WWE, Cole was a prominent star on the channel. After his signing, Cole was “killed off”, and he could no longer make any appearances.

Episode 54, “A Curtain Call”, of the channel shows Omega plotting to poison Cole to get him out of future episodes. It was a fitting and funny conclusion to the feud between Cole, Omega and The Young Bucks. It seems that the Young Bucks may be trying to contact the Cole they killed via their channel’s seance reference.

Many fans were left wondering what Cole’s loss to O’Reilly meant for his future. It could be that Cole is being prepared to make his main roster debut on RAW or Smackdown if he hasn’t signed an extension. With a number of former WWE talent already having made the switch to AEW, Cole may be the newest one to join the roster.

His appearance at AEW Rampage was teased online for several weeks before CM Punk made his return to the ring. Although the Young Bucks tweet that referred to their YouTube channel is subtle it may suggest that they won’t have long before Adam Cole appears in the squared circle.

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