Genshin Impact’s Yoimiya Controversy Explained

Genshin Impact's Yoimiya Controversy Explained

Genshin Impact’s Yoimiya Controversy Explained

Genshin ImpactRecently, Inazuma received an update that added a new region to the game. A new region means new characters, and this update is no exception. Yoimiya and Ayaka are the most recent banner characters. Yoimiya is the subject of a lot criticism.Genshin ImpactHer kit and overall design are underwhelming for players.

Genshin Impact has previously fixed characters such as Zhongli. Yoimiya’s problems, however, are unique in that they’re built into her kit. Yoimiya’s elemental skill and burst don’t seem to be in line with her intended character design. The issues with bow characters are more evident with Yoimiya. These issues are not yet addressed by miHoYo, but players are concerned about future designs of characters like Kokomi, as more information has been leaked.

Yoimiya’s Problems

Yoimiya’s design is problematic in Genshin Impact. Many of the problems are due to seemingly contradictory ideas being combined. Yoimiya’s base HP and DEF stats are the lowest in Genshin Impakt. However, unlike other characters, there is no mitigation. Because her auto-attack multipliers are very large, Yoimiya must stay still while shooting to avoid taking a lot of damage. Her range is very limited for bow users, and she dies quickly without Zhongli’s shield.

Yoimyia’s auto-targeting is supposed to be on her shots, burst and burst. However, they often miss because they only target cast enemies. Her elemental burst can whiff even if an enemy moves away. Sometimes, she will lock onto two enemies at once. Unlike other Pyro Genshin Impact characters, Yoimiya also cannot proc reactions effectively due to her internal cooldowns which means she’s quite limited in Vaporize or Melt teams. Yoimiya is a character that was supposedly built around single-target damage.

What this means for future Genshin Impact characters

Yoimiya’s problem goes beyond her character design in Genshin Impact. __S.28__ Kokomi’s leaks suggest that she has split scaling of her abilities. Her passive talent means that she can’t crit. It seems that miHoYo is trying to reduce reliance on crit stats, in the same manner Yoimiya wants to move away from bow users’ traditional charged shot gameplay. Kokomi has an identical internal cooldown nerf to Yoimiya, making it harder for users to generate reactions.

Yoimiya is setting the tone for many future Genshin Impactcharacters. Many of them seem a lot weaker than their predecessors. It is understandable that not all characters are meant to be meta-defining, like Ganyu and Venti. The way that miHoYo appears to encourage new playstyles or address overpowered reactions seems to be a step too far.

Genshin Impact bow users have always had a problem with missing auto-attacks. However, Yoimiya has been the first to focus on them so it is not necessary to fix the auto targeting system. It is unclear if miHoYo will fix these issues, but they hope that the community will give them the opportunity to improve upon Zhongli.

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