VFX Studio Recreates And Updates Star Wars Trench Run

VFX Studio Recreates And Updates Star Wars Trench Run

VFX Studio Recreates And Updates Star Wars Trench Run

Modern technology can bring out a childlike wonder. Some might view the technological advances of today as serious business, which should not be used for the benefit of humanity. In many ways, these people are right. But in other ways, it’s also clear that those people never had wrapping paper tube lightsaber fights in their backyards.

YouTube has a visual effects studio that has done everything that almost every child has hoped for: making their playtime (and sometimes viral) into legitimate media. Corridor Digital, where many kids grew up filming scenes from their favorite movies, has made it an art form.

They’re now focusing their efforts on the iconic Star Wars: A New Hope trench run scene. The crew used every digital tool they had at their disposal to recreate many of the famous scenes and to update them so that it felt like something that could actually be released today. They had to complete this task in a short time. This meant that they used a lot of pre-made assets, including the actual ships and the trench. However, anyone who looks at the final shots will be hard-pressed not to notice this.

From the realistic visuals (no small feat since the original used real models while Corridor did it entirely with CGI) to the environment-illuminating laser blasts, the finished product manages to look like more than just a particularly well-done fan work. It feels like it could have been in an official, well-budget Star Wars production. It is the subtle enhancements that really make it stand out. A few lighting adjustments, some dust on the camera here and expert executions of motion blur make the Death Star trench from A New Hope look like something out of The Mandalorian.

The Corridor team was surprised at how successful they were able to pull it off. Each member of the team noticed and appreciated the little details that were added by others. This shows how visual effects work is one those disciplines where consumers don’t notice when it is done correctly, but are able to notice when it isn’t. Corridor Digital accomplished almost everything here. This is quite impressive considering the amount of work that went into the original 1977 version.

They clearly know what they are doing. This is evident by the many similar videos such as recreating The Terminator’s VFX. There will be many more videos in the future. This is almost enough to make one wish Disney would hire these people immediately and stop babbling on about it. Let’s stop teasing, mouse.

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