John Romero Pleased Restored Map is Back in Quake

John Romero Pleased Restored Map is Back in Quake

John Romero Pleased Restored Map is Back in Quake

Two and a quarter decades after its launch, id Software’s Gothic First-person Shooter is still in productionQuakeIt is still regarded as a classic 3D action game. An aspect of the original game’s map was not released when it was first released in 1996. This map wasE2M6 was restored recently for the Quake Remaster. John Romero, the creator of the level, expressed his joy at the fact that his creation was reintroduced to the game.

Romero posted yesterday to Twitter his congratulations to id Software and Bethesda on the Steam release of Quake Remastered. He tweeted that he was both happy and surprised to see his E2M6 map “Dismal Oubliette” restored. He expressed gratitude that the map was restored to the original form he had intended when the game was developed. However, he said that it was “killing” him to have it cut down.

Romero also tweeted that E2M6 was being reduced due to file size. Each map must be less than 1.4MB, which is roughly the same size as a floppy drive. The developer had to reduce the length of the map because it exceeded the limit. This content was the start of the level. The commercial release had the opening portion earlier than the original. The opening part of the game was set in murky waters. Players had to climb up and fight off demons before they reached the area that became Dismal Oubliette.

Quake was unexpectedly updated on Steam, tipping fans off to the eventual remastered announcement later that day. The original received a remastered version that included visual improvements, Trent Reznor’s music reinstatement, and official expansion packs. This update has been welcomed by fans of the original game.

Talk has been circulating about whether a remake of the film could be in the future, with the remaster being on everyone’s minds. Recent rumors suggested that Quake might be getting a reimagining with a female protagonist. It seems like the world is ready to see a reboot. A remake of Quake, after the success of Doom reboots would be a huge hit with long-time fans.

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