The Simpsons Hit and Run Source Code Leaks Online

The Simpsons Hit and Run Source Code Leaks Online

The Simpsons Hit and Run Source Code Leaks Online

This was released for PC and consoles in 2003.The Simpsons: Hit and RunIt struck a chord in the gaming community of the time and is still relevant to this day. In fact,Hit and Runis a game that most gamers want to see remastered.. Although there is no information from the official sources as to whether or not a remaster or a complete remake will ever be made, fans can still have a go at it. The source code of the game has been leaked online.

A report claims that the entire code of The Simpsons: Hit and Run is now available for anyone who wants it. Although it doesn’t seem that this code has been uploaded by either the publisher or developer, the screenshot and information suggest that there is a folder that contains details about the development process, as well as the source code. Some users have been using it already, and some have even managed to compile the source code and run the game on a virtual Windows XP machine.

The source code is now open for anyone to modify and take. This could allow fans to remaster the game or simply make modifications to it as they wish. This has happened in the past. A modder just a few days back managed to remaster Hit and Run within the Unreal Engine in just one Week. Imagine what the community could do with the actual code.

Leakage of source code is not uncommon in the gaming industry. Hackers stole code from Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3 at the beginning of the year with the intent of selling it on dark web. It is also possible that the developer team releases its own code. This was what Frictional Games did last year for Amnesia. The Simpsons – Hit and Run leaked code has not been released by the studio. It also does not seem to have been done with malicious intents and may just be going to be used for curiosity purposes by those who want to modify the game.

It speaks volumes about the desire of the community to see a remastering of The Simpsons: Hit and Run. Even showrunners expressed interest. Although it is uncertain if it will ever happen, the game has been available for 18 years, so it is definitely overdue. Fans who are skilled can use the leaked source code to create their own versions.

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