Why a Saints Row Reboot Makes Perfect Sense

Why a Saints Row Reboot Makes Perfect Sense

Why a Saints Row Reboot Makes Perfect Sense

Gamescom Opening Night Live will give fans their first look at the new games.Saints RowGame. Gamescom confirms what fans have known for a long while: the game will be a reboot of the franchise. InGamescom’s teaser video for Saints RowThe background can be seen the phrase “rebooting”.

Some may be disappointed that the game doesn’t Saints Row5. However, the good news is that the franchise cannot really go back. It used to be a GTA-competitor of sorts, with the first game emphasizing the Third Street Saints. Saints Row is now a wilder thrill ride. It’s because of this reason that the franchise reboot seems like the obvious solution.

Saints Row – The Story So Far

Although there are many minor events, the franchise has a clear path (even if it is somewhat illogical). The Saints Row protagonist is made the boss of the Saints Gang, commits tons of crimes that make Grand Theft Auto heists seem like child’s play and is elected President of the United States. He then enters an Alien-oriented Matrix, becomes Emperor of an Alien civilization, which dominates the galaxy.

Saints Row 4’s ending sees the player either moving to an alien planet as their home, or finding out about the Zin Empire’s time travel research to prevent Earth from being destroyed. Gatt out Of Hell, which features Johnny Gat and elements from Heaven and Hell, makes it seem that the franchise is growing exponentially to the point where a Saints Row 5 storyline seems impossible.

Rebooting Saints Row Franchise

Saints Row 5 could be focused on time travel, like the Avengers: Endgame heist. However, this risks running into similar events and would have strange effects on the franchise. A complete reboot is a good idea, regardless of how far it takes things back or how it changes them. Boss, Johnny Gat and Shaundi, among others, can still be involved.

It is unclear when or how this reboot will take place. However, if it goes back to its gang-based video games roots, it is reasonable that the absurdity that has defined the franchise’s history still exists. Saints Row’s core elements have never been the Saints or the Saints as a city, but the Boss and his friends pull off all sorts of crazy antics. Saints Row can only succeed if it pushes up, includes all the main characters, and adds a lot of madness.

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