Lord Of The Rings: Is The Eye Of Sauron Really Sauron’s Actual Eye?

Lord Of The Rings: Is The Eye Of Sauron Really Sauron's Actual Eye?

Lord Of The Rings: Is The Eye Of Sauron Really Sauron’s Actual Eye?

Sauron’s sole words in the wholeThe Lord of the RingsFranchise are “You cannot hide. You are my friend. There is no life beyond the void. There is only death.He is the one behind all the threats to Middle Earth. The trilogy by Peter Jackson shows Sauron in his physical form. However, he is covered from head to foot in armor so viewers can’t see his features.The Fellowship of the Ring. His life force is transferred into the Ring when he is defeated or killed. Sauron can only be seen in the trilogy as an immense, fiery eye suspended in the air at the top of a tall watchtower called Barad-dur in Mordor. This is known as The Eye of Sauron. It is always watching.

The watchtower is sometimes called the Great Eye, or the Dark Tower. Many fans wonder if this is Sauron’s eye. The Great Eye is large and lidless, and is engulfed in flame. Fans are smart enough to realize that this one, singular eye could not possibly be Sauron’s actual eye, because he would have to be a giant made of fire for that to make sense. Throughout the trilogy, viewers are shown that Sauron is unable to take physical form. His spirit was tied to the Ring when he was defeated. Sauron was also saved by the Ring. This is similar to Voldemort in Harry Potter. His spirit was still alive due to the Horcruxes but he didn’t have enough strength to be able to regain his physical form.

Showing Sauron’s metaphorical eye this way was a choice Peter Jackson made for the beloved trilogy. The eye is a symbol of how much Sauron controlled over Mordor and all evil. It was Sauron’s will to ultimate power that reached as far as his eyes could reach. This is basically Sauron’s surveillance. But not Sauron. While he was “watching”, it was actually him watching. His omnipotence was felt at all times. Sauron, like Gandalf was once a Maia. Sauron, however, was once considered a fallen Maia, much like Lucifer, who was a fallen angel. Maiar are shape-shifting beings, and Sauron was once a wolf, serpent, and then vampire before taking on a fair form (similar looking to an Elf or human, though he was neither).

Because he was disguised by Annatar (or Lord of gifts), Sauron was capable of seducing and convincing the Elven smiths of Eregion to forge the Rings of Power. The Rings were distributed to different races on Middle Earth. The Elves, the wisest of all races, were able to sense Sauron’s treachery and took off their Rings. It was a good call, because Sauron forged in secrecy a last ring, the One Ring, which had power and control over all other Rings and those who wore them. The Ring gave Sauron the ultimate power and strength. Sauron was furious when the Elves took off their Rings. His goal was to have control over powerful Elves and have them on his team.

Sauron maintained this fair form until the Fall of Numenor, after which he was unable to ever take a fair form again. In The Fellowship of the Ring, the audience sees that Sauron was in his last physical form. He was a terrifying 9-foot-high being. Isildur took his father’s broken sword Narsil and cut the Ring out of Sauron’s hands. Sauron had most of his power stored in the Ring. When he was cut from it, Isildur was left without a body. He returned to the spiritual form that was attached to the Ring. Although the War of the Last Alliance lasted for many years, Sauron was ultimately defeated.

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