Say goodbye to Apex Legends’ best movement exploit

A future Apex Legends patch will eliminate a popular movement exploit widely used in recent months. Tap-strafing is a tactic that allows players to change their midair trajectory quickly while still maintaining momentum. You basically become a fast midair bullet that is very difficult to shoot at.
Respawn posted on Twitter that Apex Legends patch 10.1 will remove the unintended movement technique. “Our reasoning: It’s inaccessible, lacks readability/counterplay, and is exacerbated by movement abilities,” the tweet reads. Although the dev has promised more details when official patch notes are available, it is unclear when.

Tap-strafing clips can make it difficult to see what is happening. Tap-strafing can be difficult to see because you have to change your direction in midair. However, with just a few inputs, tap strafing allows you to pick up speed and bounce around in any direction that you choose. It could be described as a quick dodge roll that Respawns never intended.
Apex Legends, like Titanfall before it, is not unfamiliar with community-discovered movement techniques. To optimize speed, players have used slide cancelling and bunnyhopping for years. Respawn intervened to nuke some of these strategies in certain cases. Respawn took away the ability to heal while bunnyhopping on the ground in 2019, a sensible move for the intended penalty to healing (you must stop running for a while).

Tap-strafing was removed. This seems to be a similar situation. Apex Legends makes jumping harder, but it balances by forcing players to choose a direction and stay with it.

Tap-strafing allows players to bypass the penalty and make it more difficult to hit than any other intended mechanic. Tap-strafing, if left unaffected, could be the best and most meta-defined way to outmanoeuvre Apex players. Tap-strafing may seem like a great tool to players, but Respawn clearly believes Apex would be better without it.

After much consideration and debate, we’ve decided to remove tap-strafing from @playapex in patch 10.1. Our reasoning: It’s inaccessible, lacks readability/counterplay, and is exacerbated by movement abilities. The next patch notes will include a more detailed note about this.

Tap-strafing against console gamers is a major reason. Tap-strafing can be done on a controller, but it is much easier on a keyboard or mouse. This further increases the skill gap in crossplay matchmaking. My console friends must once again be sorry.

Respawn’s tweet explains that tap-strafing can be combined with certain character’s movement capabilities to create some really amazing shenanigans. For example, Octane’s jump pad or Pathfinder’s grapple hook can flip a 360-degree turn.

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