Fortnite: Where to Deploy Scanners in the Alien Biome for Week 12 Challenge

Fortnite: Where to Deploy Scanners in the Alien Biome for Week 12 Challenge

Fortnite: Where to Deploy Scanners in the Alien Biome for Week 12 Challenge

FortniteThe battle royale island has received the latest batch of Legendary Quests. One of the quests from Chapter 2, Season 7, Week 12, ofFortnitePlayers must deploy scanners at Alien Biomes. These Biomes might be confused with those in Holly Hatchery, which have low-gravity effects. However, this quest does not require players to use scanners at Alien Biomes.

Since the aliens took over Fortnite, many areas have been covered with a purple-colored substance. These areas are not human-made. Players will need to go to these spots to locate scanners and place them for Week 12. Fortnite players can use this guide for extra XP, as well as further learning about the game’s history.

**This Fortnite Legendary Quest will be live along with others on Wednesday, August 25, at 10 AM ET/ 7 AM PST.

Fortnite Season 7 Alien Biome Locations

Fortnite players only need to visit 2 scanner locations in order to complete the quest. The scanners can be found at 6 locations, which players will find very exciting. This makes this one of the easiest quests for the week.

Fortnite players can use the map below to locate all of the Alien Biome locations. Players will need to interact once the scanner glows blue after they enter any purple areas. These biomes are small so players should not have difficulty finding the quest items.

An Alien Biome can be found southwest of Boney Burbs and northeast of Boney Burbs. All of these locations are quite close together, as mentioned earlier. A player should be able to reach two scanners during one battle royale match, especially if they find themselves with a fast vehicle like a Ferrari.

These are the scanners.

Once two scanners are interacted with, players will be awarded XP. After that, players can either continue to complete some of the other challenges for this week or perhaps search for some of the Alien Artifacts they might’ve missed in the last couple of weeks.

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