Final Fantasy 7 Remake Fan’s Mom Pulls Off Perfect NPC Cosplay

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Fan's Mom Pulls Off Perfect NPC Cosplay

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Fan’s Mom Pulls Off Perfect NPC Cosplay

Many fans are taking on the challenge of cosplaying even the most complicated characters. Final FantasyThere is many interesting characters in the game, and players manage to look great every time. One player’s photo with his mom turned into a great inspiration for her to try cosplay. Final Fantasy 7 RemakeParticularly character

Final Fantasy 7 Remake excited fans with the possibility of a remake that would take their favourite game and bring it up to date with modern gaming. FF7R made another side of its fans happy by linking key points from The Compilation of Final Fantasy 7 into the overall story. It also featured characters such as Kyrie Canaan. Kyrie appeared in The Kids Are Alright: A Turks Side Story (published under The Compilation).

Reddit user GrinitD sent his mom a picture of Mireille Dudley (Kyrie’s grandmother) because he thought it looked like her. GrinitD’s mom replied that her son was going to match the picture. Sector 5The look of the Slums NPC. Grindr shared this image, and it is amazing. Grindr was right that Mireille looked exactly like GrinitD’s mom, and the cosplay is perfect. It’s remarkable that she didn’t shop for the look but rather wore it from her own closet.

Many fans have said that she perfectly fits the character and makes the outfit stand out in certain areas, like the goggles. Others have also said she should be considered a “legendary”, like the Animal Crossing-playing grandmas of Skyrim and Animal Crossing. Grindr has passed on the compliments.

Even though the mother isn’t a video gamer, this story is sweet. She saw a picture her son had sent her and decided to dress up as the character. Although the Final Fantasy 7 remake character likely shares her fashion sense, it’s still an amazing exchange between mother and child.

Although there have been many Final Fantasy cosplays over the years, GrinitD’s mother stands out.

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