Final Fantasy: Comparing and Contrasting Kefka and Sephiroth

Final Fantasy: Comparing and Contrasting Kefka and Sephiroth

Final Fantasy: Comparing and Contrasting Kefka and Sephiroth

From the strong core party, final Fantasy15To to the many minor travelling characters who appear throughout final Fantasy 10The various casts have taken players on many amazing adventures. The villains are not to be dismissed. They often set the tone for a game’s pace and setting the mood when they reveal their true selves. Square Enix has many great games, but these two loyal fans always come back to Square Enix. Final Fantasy 6’s Kefka PalazzoAndFinal Fantasy 7‘s Sephiroth.

FF6 or FF7 are better, but any argument about which is better will include a segment comparing Kefka and Sephiroth. The argument continues, with both sides calling the other generic or overrated. There’s much to learn when these two villainous characters are viewed side-by-side. There are many contrasts and some similarities that can help you understand the creative process behind Final Fantasy. Sephiroth is a well-known character in many games and other media. This analysis will focus on Final Fantasy 6/7.

Sephiroth and Kefka have many similarities.

The most striking similarity between Kefka, Sephiroth and Sephiroth lies in their cultural significance. They are easily recognizable as Final Fantasy villains and many other JRPG villains. Although their roles are simple, both of them shine with memorable moments and quotes. Not to mention the character designs that embody everything that goes into a JRPG antagonist. Sephiroth is not the first Japanese sword-wielding white-haired villain. However, he is a well-known character whose personality and design have been reflected in many games. Although Kefka might not have inspired many people to play the archvillain role, he is a great example of how a deliberately funny villain acts. His witty dialogue sets an example for other comedic bad guys.

They are also the victims of villainous home games trying to create superweapons. Kefka became who he is via the Gestahlian Empire’s experiments with Magicite, while Sephiroth was an experiment from birth to see how far Jenova cells could be pushed. Shinra and Empire played similar roles in home games, serving as the main villains until Sephiroth and Kefka control. Both of them take control, ascending to godlike form to ravage the earth and fight the heroes. Sephiroth summon Meteor and Kefka used their Light of Judgment to bring down the World of Balance to that of the World of Ruin.

They are very similar even in Final Fantasy boss battles. Both can be seen in gameplay in their respective games early on. Sephiroth is a boss, while Kefka is a boss. Sephiroth is a guest member who trivializes boss-like enemies. Both are multi-part battles as both villains change and adopt different strategies during combat. Sephiroth, Kefka, and Cloud transform into their final forms (not counting Sephiroth’s film duel against Cloud). Signature attacks can inflict significant damage and status effects and allow them to take on huge angelic forms. Both share the attack Heartless Angel which can increase the party’s HP by one. The music they play during their final fights, “Dancing Mad” and “One-Winged Angel”, are iconic and have been associated since the beginning with these villains.

The Differences between Sephiroth and Kefka

These characters are very different. It is easy to see the differences. The first and most obvious thing that anyone looking at the two will see is that Kefka is a clown, and Sephiroth is a vaguely gothic bishounen. Both characters carry themselves in totally different ways. Sephiroth is calm and collected throughout his entire screen time, while Kefka makes plenty of funny jokes to fit his appearance. Apart from Sephiroth’s origin as a Nibelheim villain, he remains cool and confident throughout the entire film, including his final moments. This makes the alarmingly violent actions of Sephiroth in the first game all that more obvious. Kefka, however, is unable to control his emotions and will say whatever thoughts or impulses he has.

This also plays into their roles in the story. Sephiroth is an invisible villain that can be found for many hours in Final Fantasy 7. Although he is present, he is not visible until the Nibelheim flashback. The party must then follow his path of casual destruction through Gaia until they reach the Temple of the Ancients. He does appear a few times to speak to the heroes. Sometimes they aren’t clear, and sometimes they are meant to manipulate Cloud.

Although the Final Fantasy 6 group doesn’t spend much time with Kefka personally, a few have been profoundly affected by his actions and know that he is trouble. Kefka plays an active part in the leadership of the Empire’s forces and driving the war campaign across the World of Balance. He will be seen by players all the time, causing trouble every day. Although he does eventually retreat to his tower at the top of his godhood ascension, Kefka casts a shadow over F6 at all times because of the ever-present threat of The Light of Judgment.

Finally, Sephiroth’s and Kefka’s identities and their futures are clear. Sephiroth was born and raised to be Shinra’s best first-class Soldier. He is raised alone and is largely left to his thoughts. While his Jenova cells play a part in his descent into madness, it could be argued that it’s what Sephiroth’s father, Hojo, had always planned for him. FF7characters think of Sephiroth only as a celebrity. Then they meet him and discover who he is. Kefka is, however, an unknown until he receives his Magicite infusion. Then he becomes a military leader. While he is subservient for a time, he will resentfully attack his former friends when he has the chance to gain more power. Sephiroth and Kefka have their own stories and methods. But, what makes them so charming is the way they each create their own mood. The legacy of these two evil characters will be a lasting one in the gaming industry.

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