Samus’ New Abilities in Metroid Dread Show How Nintendo is Evolving the Franchise

Samus' New Abilities in Metroid Dread Show How Nintendo is Evolving the Franchise

Samus’ New Abilities in Metroid Dread Show How Nintendo is Evolving the Franchise

Metroid DreadAnother major trailer has been released for the October release of The Witcher 3, and it seemed even more exciting than E3’s surprise reveal. Both old and newMetroidFans and Samus got a better idea of the threats she will face in this preview. Samus also has some new tools at her disposal as Samus ventures through ZDR. Metroid DreadIt has rapidly become one of the most highly anticipated games on Nintendo’s fall release schedule, and it is beginning to look like Nintendo will be supporting. Metroid is now more probable that he will return than previously thought.

The Metroid Dread trailer highlights Samus’ new abilities throughout the game. These are great from a gameplay standpoint, but they could have serious implications for Nintendo’s attitude toward Metroid’s return. Many Nintendo franchises have faded into relative obscurity. Few have returned in the same way Metroid Dread did, and even less have added new features to an old formula. Even though there haven’t been any new mainline games in almost 20 years, Nintendo still cares deeply about Metroid and Samus’ new abilities show that.

Explaining Samus’ New Abilities In Metroid Dread

The new Metroid Dread trailer featured three new abilities, each of which looks to be a valuable part of Samus’ arsenal. One of the new abilities was a dash ability that allows Samus to travel short distances quickly in both the air and on the ground. Another ability appeared to be a modification to Samus’ iconic missile launcher. It allows Samus to lock onto multiple targets at once. Metroid Dread will also give Samus an additional grappling hook, which will serve puzzle-solving and traversal purposes.

How Samus’s New Abilities Help The Metroid Formula

The Metroid formula is a landmark in the gaming industry. Nintendo is the creator of Metroidvania. Dread has new gameplay features that show that it won’t be following old paths. This trailer shows how these abilities will alter the Metroid formula. It allows for new ways to interact with enemies, travel the globe, and solve puzzles. Samus’ new tools will allow for a wide variety of gameplay, which is a good thing for a franchise that has been built on fundamental mechanics that have not had the chance to change in nearly twenty years.

Metroid Dread’s Reclaiming The Metroidvania Trinket

Metroid was a pioneer in action games that focus on exploration. However, the franchise has been gone for quite some time. Games like Hollow Knight, Ori and other series have replaced it and provided gamers with highly stylized adventures that continue the legacy of Metroid. Metroid Dread will have much to prove, even with the heavy franchise name. Samus’ new abilities will shake up gameplay and prove that Dread is worth getting because it does things other games don’t.

Metroid Dread was a long-awaited game. Many fans are amazed that it exists. Nintendo’s new capabilities show that Samus is determined to make Metroid‘s comeback a memorable experience. Although the company could have released a sequel to the originals, MercurySteamcouldo grows the series and create something new. It isn’t often that a long-deceased Nintendo franchise returns in such a large way. Metroid Dread should be able to make it stick.

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