Age of Empires 4 Has Trebuchets

Age of Empires 4 Has Trebuchets

Age of Empires 4 Has Trebuchets

Age of Empires 4is going to have some huge shoes. The future historical RTS releases this October for PC. Microsoft showcased some new games at the Xbox Gamescom Showcase, but we digressed to discuss one piece of medieval artillery.

Relic Entertainment, Xbox Games Studios and Microsoft really want gamers to know that there are trebuchets within Age of Empires 4. They were so impressed by the mechanical marvel; they dedicated a portion to educating viewers about it.

Developers teased Trebuchets in a brief “Weapons of War” trailer that was released on the 18th. Microsoft doubles down on Gamescom live-action video explains the counterweight trebuchet’s real-world history as well as its mechanics. Titled Hands-on History, The Trebuchet, Dr Shini Somara is a mechanical engineer and shows a modern reconstruction of a medieval Trebuchet. This video is one of the 28 unlockable mini-documentaries—age of Empire 4.

This video gives a comprehensive look at the marvels of medieval military engineering. Trebuchets, which are long-range catapults, can be used by those who don’t know much about siege engines. These large wooden machines are made up of a long boom and a counterweight. The video shows how soldiers lifted the counterweight by walking on top of two huge wheels. The weight of the counterweight falls and raises the boom. This causes the stone ball to fly at high speed. Dr Somara explained that repeatedly striking the same spot was the only way to break through castle walls. This means that trebuchets must be precise. Alternately, the medieval armies could also throw corpses or animals as part of their early biological warfare.

It is not common for game developers to disrupt a historical lesson. This is what Age of Empires enthusiasts love to eat. Ensemble Studios created an age of Empires in 1990. It always considered its historical aspects seriously. The Age of Empires 2 was a popular game that featured an in-game encyclopedia with historical information about units and civilizations. The Age of Mythology spinoff includes similar entries for its legendary creatures. Relic has increased the number of live-action documentaries in its venerable real-time strategy franchise.

Microsoft also displayed a new trailer for Age of Empires 4, which introduced more Campaigns and Civilizations. This includes events such as the Hundred Years War or the rise of Moscow. Fans were also able to play some gameplay with the Holy Roman Empire Civilization. Teasers featured faction-specific units such as Russian Warrior Priests or Streltsy Riflemen. The Holy Romans can use Prelates to increase their economy and Landsknechte sworders to defeat their enemies. Age of Empires 4 seems to be continuing the legacy of its predecessors, although it is too early to know for certain.

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