Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Should Improve Contests

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Should Improve Contests

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Should Improve Contests

Pokemon Brilliant DiamondAndShining PearlIn a recent Pokemon Presents, they showed that the remakes would have something for everyone. Whether the remakes will appeal to everyone, or if they are just a remaster of the original, it is clear that all will love the remakes. Pokemon DiamondAndPearlWhether you are a seasoned fan or just starting to explore them, there’s something for everyone. Recently, it was revealed that pokemon Brilliant DiamondAndShining PearlReworked features like the Grand Underground, Capsule Customization, Pokemon Following the Player would be back. These are all great gameplay additions. However, Super Contests was one of the most intriguing mechanics in the originals.

With a totally different game mechanic to Pokemon battling, Super Contests was another way players could divert their focus. Although it was not a popular feature, many players who loved the mini-game wanted to see it return. Recently, it was confirmed. Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl will reintroduce Super ContestsSuper Contest Shows has seen some changes in the core gameplay. Although not much information is available about Super Contest Shows’ more complex side, it can be compared to the original. Pokemon DiamondAndPearlThere is differences.  Pokemon Contests

Many Pokemon fans may not be aware that Super Contests were not introduced in the original Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. The first Super Contests were introduced in the original Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire. The Pokemon Contests allowed players to enter their Pokemon into one of five categories, which were Cuteness (Toughness), Cleverness (Cleverness), Coolness (and Beauty). To increase their stats, the player would transform their berries into Pokeblocks. It was more beneficial to concentrate on one stat and bring the Pokemon through the ranks from Normal to Master in the category that best represents that Pokemon.


The original Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire Pokemon Contests had two rounds for judging: primary judging and secondary judging. Primary judging determines which Pokemon is in the best condition for the given category. For example, the Coolest Pokemon in the Cool category. Although this was only the superficial round, it did contribute to the final score and could determine a player’s chances of winning. A player who fails to win can’t get their Pokemon in the next rank of Pokemon Contests. The second round of judging was Pokemon Contests in Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire.

During the second round, the players would use their Pokemon’s moves to appeal to judges, the crowd or disrupt other contestants. Every Pokemon’s move in Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire had a secondary effect that applied to Pokemon Contests. Some players would concentrate on this and teach their Pokemon contest beneficial moves. This mini-game was enjoyed by many players and was brought back with minor changes in Pokemon Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire, and the ability to Mega Evolve a player’s Pokemon during the contest.

Pokemon Super Contests

Pokemon Contests returned in Pokemon GoldandPearlSuper Contests were created and functioned the same way as its Gen 3 counterpart but with some notable changes. The first round of judging allows players to dress up their Pokemon based on a chosen theme that corresponds with the Pokemon’s condition. This time, instead of using Pokeblocks for contest starts, the player will make Poffins that function more or less alike. The player would use the Nintendo DS touch screen to stir Poffin batter until Poffins are made.


The most significant change in Pokemon Contests isPokemon DiamondAndPearlThe Dance round was added to the game. This competition saw which Pokemon could dance the most. This was in the form of a mini-game, which played like many rhythm games. In addition to dressing up a Pokemon for the first round, this additional round of judging was also done. Super Contests last longer than Pokemon ContestsDid in pokemon RubyAndSapphireSuper Contests in Gen 4 were less attractive for people who are more interested in the battling and training aspects of Pokemon games.

The Acting Competition was the third round of Super Contests judging. It played much the same way as the second round in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire Pokemon Contests. A Ribbon would be awarded based on the rank and category they entered. The Pokemon Contests returned only after the remakes in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. This mechanic was not available in any other Pokemon games. It was a shame that Pokemon Contests fans were not able to see the original Pokemon Contests. The Pokemon games featured mainly tweaks to the battling mechanic with very little creativity beyond battling.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl’s Super Contest show.

Remakes of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, Shining Pearl and Shining Pearl bring back an old gameplay mechanic that fans will relive. The mini-game, now known as Super Contest Shows, is designed to restore the game’s core gameplay but with some interesting and necessary modifications. First, the Visual Evaluation does not feature Pokemon dressed up in a central theme, but instead, they are judged on the Capsule Decorations that the player has created. Although the Capsule Decoration was a mechanic that had no benefits beyond battles, ILCA and Game Freak could tie it into Shining Pearl’s Super Contest Shows.

The third round of judging in Super Contests from Pokemon Diamond & Pearl has been dropped to shorten the overall gameplay. Instead of having around that judges Pokemon’s moves, Pokemon will demonstrate a single move during the Dance Evaluation. The Visual Evaluation measures a Pokemon’s condition as well as its Capsule Decorations. This allows for more attention to the Super Contest Shows’ dancing. This redesign to the Super Contest formula for Pokemon Pearl and Diamond is a great way of streamlining the gameplay and making it more accessible to a wider audience.

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