Psychonauts 2: Strike City Emotional Baggage Locations

Psychonauts 2: Strike City Emotional Baggage Locations

Psychonauts 2: Strike City Emotional Baggage Locations

DuringPsychonauts 2Campaign, players will be given the task of repairing Ford Cruller’s fractured psyche. This will give them the freedom to explore beyond The Motherlode and take on new missions. After you have completed the campaign, you will tackleCompton’s Cook OffCompton Boole will be released from his prison cell. Players will have access to the bowling alley so they can take the germ-obsessed Cruller.

By entering his mind, players will be taken to Strike City. This is a bustling, slime-covered city that’s full of fearful germs and ready to be eradicated by Cruller’s bowling shoe sanitiser spray. Despite being smaller than the Psychonauts 2 levels, Raz will still find two pieces of Emotional baggage in this area. It can be difficult for some to locate the bags and their tags. Here’s how you can find all of the Emotional Baggage in Strike City.

The first pieceEmotional baggageThe Suitcase tag will be available for players to grab, which appears very early in the mission. Players will enter an area containing thick green slime after helping the worker lower the first path. Continue to the back and grab the Suitcase tag located behind the yeast van.

The Suitcase can be found later in the mission. Right before players enter Lover’s Lane and learn more about Ford Cruller, they’ll find themselves in a large construction site. Keep on the first floor and move to the back. There are bowling pins that cover a crevice under a ramp. To enter the area, knock the pins down and locate the Suitcase.

 The Duffel bag

The Duffel bag is the second piece of Emotional Baggage found in Strike City. If players don’t know where to look, it can be difficult to identify its tag. It is located in the area where players cross the horizontal Joe’s sign. As they make their way over the dangerous obstacle, players should move to the “O”.To launch Raz downs, jump through the O’s middle. Players will then land on a nearby roof as the gravity of the level should adjust. They’ll be able to find Censors and the Duffel bag tag.

Players will need to return via Collective Unconscious as the bag is located earlier in the level. Once they have found it, they will need to follow the main mission’s route until they reach the spot where they first used the ball polisher. They’ll find the Duffel bag, which is waiting for their tag behind the polisher. Once all of that is done, players can continue with Psychonauts 2 or return to Collective Unconscious to discover any additional collectables.

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