Dustbiters’ Creators Describe it as a Quick and Fun Game About Cars, Mad Max-Style

Dustbiters' Creators Describe it as a Quick and Fun Game About Cars, Mad Max-Style

Dustbiters’ Creators Describe it as a Quick and Fun Game About Cars, Mad Max-style

DustbitersThe Dustbiters Team is creating a tabletop card game called “The Dustbiters Team”, which actually consists of Terri Vollmann and Jan Willem Nijman. Vollmann is an illustrator, game designer and known for titles such asHeavy BulletsAndDisc RoomHe has previously worked on a card game called pusher Kings. Nijman worked on disc ZimmerAlso, and you can find information on other indie classics like nuclear ThroneAndMinitFraser is also the only member of the team who ironically drives a bicycle rather than a car. Fraser is also well-known for his wit.BroforceThe epic-scale action game ”, which is a tribute to classic films of the 80s and 90s.

Dustbusters is a movie adaptation of the Mad Max themes and visuals. Nijman says that Dustbiters’ turns can remind him of scenes from Mad Max: Fury Road. Dustbitersis an addictive card game that features post-apocalyptic sounds and a variety of unusual-looking cars. Players must leave their opponent without any cards to win the game. Game Rant talks to the Dustbiters Team about all this and more, including the Kickstarter campaign.

The Quick Card Game Dustbiters with Strategic Depth

Dustbusters was first created on the most appropriate occasion for its theme. It was during a road trip Nijman and Fraser made all the way back to 2016. They were both game designers and would spend their evenings playing games. But soon, that changed into creating their own game. Their first idea was to create a Rummikub-style dungeon crawler and make it a single-player. Dustbusters was born shortly thereafter. It was obvious from the beginning that this would be a tabletop-based game. This allowed the team to take a break from video gaming and use pen and paper.

Vollmann was soon brought aboard, thanks to a conversation with Nijman where they decided to create a card game together. The three of them were each busy with their work, so there was an agreement to collaborate on a project.DustbitersThey were able to do it whenever they wanted, without worrying about deadlines. This stress-free attitude carried over into the game. In fact, Dustbiters is a high-speed tabletop game, has an average session time of 15 minutes and a lot of replayability potential.DustbitersIt has a simple and concise rulebook that is unlike any other. Tabletop games in which players must learn the basics of the game within an hour or so is a deliberate design decision. The team wanted to create a game that was quick and easy to learn.

The game still offers a lot of strategic depth, thanks to cars such as the Mind Manipulator, which allows players to control any enemy car. The sandstorm eventually destroys the closest car in each turn. Players must decide which moves they will make and whether to let their cars advance or be destroyed. Dustbusters is a light tabletop game. It is all about cars, and there are no tiles or dice.

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