King’s Bounty 2: How To Sell Items

King's Bounty 2: How To Sell Items

King’s Bounty 2: How To Sell Items

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Players can find themselves in situations where they don’t perform basic actions and have no gold but a full inventory. This is not a place players want to be in. Players will need to make connections that other games don’t.

King’s Bounty 2 is an example of this. Gamers will find tons and tons of loot but no tutorial or tooltip that explains how to use the goods. It’s not difficult for players to realize that they can interact with merchants to resolve this problem.

Who to talk to for selling items

Merchant in the Albian Highlands

The tutorial area of the Albian Highlands is still home to this player. However, one merchant is available in the frozen region that can be traded with. The prison has a dwarf merchant that players can trade with for their unwanted items.

Merchants in the Crown Lands

Fear not; players who have already moved on to the Crown Lands area of the game should not be worried! There are many merchants available to trade and speak with. For selling items, Odilon, the armour merchant and Sargonius, the spell merchant, will be the people to speak to. Both of these merchants are easily found just a few minutes after one enters Crown Lands. They are located right across the bridge from where one enters the area.

How to Sell Items to Merchants

Merchant Menu Interface

Players will see all possible actions they can take when highlighting an item at the bottom of their screen. This screen will allow players to sell any junk items they have in their inventory quickly. Hold down the button for a few seconds, and you’ll be able to do so. This button (or key if you are playing on a PC) will vary depending on which platform you are playing on.

The items the merchant sells will be on the right, while the player’s inventory will be on the left. You can switch between them by using the command at the bottom. This will vary depending on your platform.

What to Sell to Merchants

You can sell individual items if you have inferior armour or weapons that one doesn’t need anymore.

You can also find these: Players should make sure they sell all spell scrolls for spells they’ve already researched. Scrolls that have been learned a spell will cease to be useful. A tooltip will allow players to tell if they have completed research on a spell.

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