Battlefield 2042’s new specialists gameplay reminds me a lot of Team Fortress 2

Electronic Arts released a trailer that showcases four Battlefield 2042 specialists in action. The trailer features the scouts, medics, heavy and snipers.
These are Team Fortress 2 classes. However, they seem to be applicable here. Although we already know the basics of these characters, it’s what watching them run wild with guns that really makes it stand out.

Webster Mackay is the first specialist in the video. He’s fast and light-armed with a grappling hook, which allows him to reach places that others cannot. It also gives him the ability to move faster while ziplining and aiming down sights.

Maria Falck is next, a combat surgeon who can quickly get her teammates on their feet from a distance using her S21 Syrette pistol, much like the TF2 medic who keeps his comrades alive by hiding behind corners.

EA actually nerfed this pistol after last month’s technical testing because it was too powerful: Adam Freeman, lead community manager, said that the original intention was to revive and heal at close range but it “was causing an unacceptable imbalance in gameplay to warrant making changes.” So the revive was dropped. Now it will only heal at close range.

The big discovery was that Falck’s S21 Syrette Pistol was causing an imbalance in gameplay that warranted making changes.

Pyotr Boris Guskovsky is third on the list. He’s a Russian soldier who brings a big-ass gun to fight. His SG-36 Sentry system automatically targets and engages any enemy within its range. According to the Battlefield 2042 specialist page, “his leadership skills may seem a bit aggressive for some, [but] there are no denying his abilities in the field,” which sounds familiar. Yes, Boris is more engineer-like in gameplay terms but you shouldn’t touch his gun.

Wikus Van Daele is Wikus “Casper”, a recon drone operator who can disorient enemies using EMP bursts. He also has the ability to designate targets for “lock on weapons”. A movement sensor alerts him when enemies approach, which is very useful for avoiding unwanted backstabs while he’s focusing on something else. EA described Van Daele as “the calm, unflappable presence on the Task Force” and “a master of long-range engagement and camouflage.” Jarate is not mentioned, and frankly, I’m grateful for it.–gold-2021-no-human-verification/c/6D3i4n6-O1Q–gold-2021-no-human-verification/c/nOgBbyNEeYM–gold-2021-no-human-verification/c/4Y9pRizel20–gold-2021-no-human-verification/c/iVfXXiNu-Ko–gold-2021-no-human-verification/c/3M2tbTn28BY–gold-2021-no-human-verification/c/lbDQtIfJn7A–gold-2021-no-human-verification/c/b0rwJafuZcc–gold-2021-no-human-verification/c/CpIuuL5g2mI–gold-2021-no-human-verification/c/a820_7ngvfA–gold-2021-no-human-verification/c/nxo0Db31eYY

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