Jungle Cruise Took Too Many Notes From Another Disney Parks Film

Jungle Cruise Took Too Many Notes From Another Disney Parks Film

Jungle Cruise Took Too Many Notes From Another Disney Parks Film

There have been a few Disney movies that were inspired by rides from their parks. They have had varying degrees of success. The first movie made for TV, Tower of Terror, was released in 1997. However, the Pirates of the Caribbean series has been the most successful. The first film in the series was Pirates of the Caribbean – The Curse of the Black Pearl. It was both critically and commercially successful, earning them an Oscar nomination.

Pirates of the Caribbean was a huge success, so, naturally, future Disney-themed rides will take some inspiration from the series. But taking notes is not the same as actually recreating a film you’ve seen. Disney’s new ride-based film appears to cross this line. Jungle Cruise is still an enjoyable movie, but it feels like a worse Pirates of the Caribbean.

Jungle Cruise is the story of a brother and sister duo played by Jack Whitehall and Emily Blunt. They are on a mission to discover a tree in Amazon that has magical petals. The petals have healing properties, and the main characters are determined to save the world. No one believes them in London, and they don’t want to be helped. They hire Dwayne Johnson, a wisecracking jungle tour operator, to assist them when they decide to travel independently.

Although the plot isn’t the same as the Pirates of the Caribbean rip-off movie, there are many similarities. Both movies feature undead pirates who have similar backstories and legends that can heal and keep people alive. The characters are similar, and so is the setting. There are many different ways Jungle Cruise could be interpreted. It could have been unique and lots of fun. They chose not to go in that direction.

Jungle Cruise results from all the Pirates of the Caribbean films coming together to have a child. The backstory of the pirates is very similar to Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Man’s Chest. The Flying Dutchman film shows Davy Jones’ pirate crew being cursed and tied to the ship. They eventually become part of the ship and become severely deformed. The Jungle Cruise curses the undead pirates and makes them bound to the Amazon River. They can also appear deformed and become part of the jungle.

The magical healing petals of the tree that the main characters are searching for is very reminiscent of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, the fourth film in the Pirates series. That film revolves around Captain Jack Sparrow’s search for the legendary Fountain of Youth. Although the characters of Jungle Cruise aren’t actually looking for the Fountain of Youth, their object of affection is very similar. They could have been searching for anything, and the idea of a magical healing agent seems unoriginal.

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