King’s Bounty 2: The Major Player Characteristics Explained

King's Bounty 2: The Major Player Characteristics Explained

King’s Bounty 2: The Major Player Characteristics Explained

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  • The Major Characteristics & What They Do

The video game industry is constantly evolving. This often leads to new features being added to older titles. There can be a learning curve when you first pick up a new game.

In InKing’s Bounty, IIOne aspect players will need to understand the Characteristics of the character you have chosen can be found in your Inventory screen. There are many types, and they all will shift during playthroughs. As with armour and weapons, these stats will be affected by the equipment you use.

Players must seek out the best pieces of armour or weapons for their playstyle. Also, be sure to check each item for desired Characteristic enhancements. If you are interested in using many spells, it is good to look for gear with high Arcane Knowledge or Magic Power. Those who wish to increase their unit’s strength should also be looking for gear with great Warfare.

The Major Characteristics and What They Do

This Characteristic refers to spell-related activities, primarily research and upgrading spells. Higher Arcane Knowledge means it costs less Mana to upgrade and research spells one can find or buy. Additionally, Arcane Knowledge dictates how much Mana a person can use to start a fight. Higher Arcane Knowledge means that one will have more opportunities to unleash the most powerful spells (and Mana-expensive!) in his arsenal.

Magic Power

Magic Power is the most simple Characteristic. Players will understand that it refers to how powerful one’s spells are in battle.

First, The damage that spellcasters inflict on their opponents is directly related to one’s Magic Power. This means that each point in this Characteristic will increase your damage output from spells. You can hover over your Magic Power in the Inventory Menu to see how much boost you get to the hundredth per cent. It is important to note that each 1 point of Magic Power seems to correspond to approximately a 0.71% increase in spell damage (data sampled at 13 Magic Power which equated a 9.21% increase for the mage characters Katharine).

Second, Magic Power determines the duration of spell effects; however, this is a much smaller increase than the damage-boost. A Magic Power increase in duration will be 1 turn for every 75 points. This means that an effect that normally lasts 2 turns would need 75 Magic Power to become passively and naturally increased to 3 turns.


Similar to Magic Power working for spells.Each point of a player’s Warfare characteristic results in one or more allied units doing greater damage. Players will receive a 0.85% increase in damage for every 1 Warfare point (data sampled at Warfare 2, which corresponded to a 1.7% increase in allied unit damage for Katharine, the mage character).

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