Pokemon Fan Art Imagines Rayquaza As Electric-Type

Pokemon Fan Art Imagines Rayquaza As Electric-Type

Pokemon Fan Art Imagines Rayquaza As Electric-Type

Rayquaza is an aPokemonThis type has been part of the Pokedex ever since 2002’s third generation release. Fans continue to show appreciation for it. One fan is particularly interested in reimagining the legendary Pokemon in different ways.

Reddit user Khironic68 posted a picture of the iconic Pokemon Rayquaza as an electric-type. Rayquza, in the Pokemon series, is typically a combination flying-type/dragon-type. But Khironic68 imagines it as all the other types. Khironic68 will continue working on other types of Rayquaza, like ghost-type or Dark-type, but they have begun an artistic venture with electric type.

Khironic68’s electric-type version of Rayquaza has a colour combination that will feel familiar to fans of the electric Pokemon. The Rayquza version is mainly a mixture of yellow and black, with some brighter blue added. Khironic68’s electric legendary Pokemon, instead of intricate patterns like the Rayquaza standard, has a zigzag design and a jagged skull.

The electric Rayquaza is powered by a main of blue electricity. It also has two shackles around its snake-like body that protrude blue electricity. Just like the original Rayquaza, Khironic68’s electric-type version features piercing eyes with pinpoint pupils. Two of the most noticeable changes to Khironic68’s electric-type version are the addition of a blue gem on its chest, which seems to power its electricity and a thunderbolt tip at its tail that is akin to Pikachu.

Reddit user made a fitting comparison between Khironic68’s electric-type Rayquaza and Metalseadramon of the Digimon series. The speculation was that the water-type of their Waterdramon would be a basic Seadramon, and the flying-type might be an Airdramon. Digimon fans who are also Pokemon fans often find similarities between the two franchises. Fanart such as Khironic68’s makes it easier to understand where they’re coming from.

Khironic68 claims that they used a Shin Art reference image on YouTube to create the electric-type Rayquaza. Many Pokemon fans who enjoyed the fan art suggested that they move on to other types of Rayquaza such as bug and fairy, fighting, fire, normal or poison, rock, steel, and even steel. Khironic68’s Rayquaza was called by one fan.

The following are some of the highlights.PokemonReddit users are enthusiastic about Khironic68’s fan art. The electric-type Rayquaza’s tail leaves some split. Khironic68 indicated that they plan toRayquaza can be recreated in various ways, but Khironic68 has not yet indicated when the next fan artwork will be released. Khironic68 might decide to take the idea further, considering that the Rayquaza standard has a mixture of types.

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