The lo-fi open world of this occult RPG looks thrilling

A first-person, open-world, lofi RPG with a distinctive aesthetic, a macabre design, and some gruesome enemies is exactly what I was looking for today. Dread Delusion, an in-development RPG, takes a unique, otherworldly, occult stylings, and an early 2000s PSX graphics to the extreme. This creates a world full of weird magic and bustling cities to explore.
It’s like a love child between Dark Souls predecessors King’s Field and Daggerfall. One who grew up reading a rusted Latin copy of The Lesser Key of Solomon. The main selling point of the game is its smaller but more direct, open-world experience. There are side quests and a central quest that you can follow. Lovely Hell place developers promise that combat will not be the only option. They say that there is always another way to fight, and that they have a variety of skill systems. Charm people, pick locks, or use secret information.”

“At the edge is the world lies the citadelof the Clockwork God. Here state-approved magic and strange machines are controlled by strange machines,” reads the description. I said yes to that, and then it said, “The Clockwork God has calculated that there will be a saviour.” However, even God has been known for his flaws in recent times.

Play a demo of Dread Delusion (quite old, right now) on the Haunted PS1 Demo Disc. You can also scope it out on Lovely Hellplace’s website. Also, you can find Dread Delusion Steam and–coins-no-human-verification-2022/c/gQWcrMcLZsk–coins-no-human-verification-2022/c/3w6M0Tih6M0–coins-no-human-verification-2022/c/zZCoQX3UMko–coins-no-human-verification-2022/c/9hH2fVvCvZc–coins-no-human-verification-2022/c/-Jge9XEiGAY–coins-no-human-verification-2022/c/OL1bcQHyoZY–coins-no-human-verification-2022/c/EhgCsqtz8v4–coins-no-human-verification-2022/c/v14E3R9ZMyM–coins-no-human-verification-2022/c/KNYnKz5q40o–coins-no-human-verification-2022/c/Fh10lM5-3Dg

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