Stardew Valley has sold over 15 million copies as creator shifts to new project

Stardew Valley, the addictive farming sim, has reached 15 million sales. Developer Eric “ConcernedApe”, Barone announced that he is shifting his focus to an unknown project.
After previously reaching 10 million sales in 2020, the game’s press page shows the new milestone. These numbers are impressive for any game, especially one that one person developed. Although there is no data on sales across platforms, last year’s milestone predicted that roughly half of all copies sold were on PC.

This is a very well-deserved milestone. Since the game’s 2016 launch, Barone has released several critical free updates. The most recent 1.5 update adds tons of quality-of-life and endgame features. It’s also a great game. Even Barone spent some of last year’s lockdown time playing it.

Stardew Valley is growing from strength to strength, but it appears that Barone is ready for other projects. During UnsurpassableZ’s Q&A, he told UnsurpassableZ that he wasn’t saying there would be another Stardew Valley update. At this moment, I don’t know. “Thanks, Eurogamer. I am currently focused on my next video game.

Barone said that he might “announce it quite soon,” but did not specify what it was. It’s another pixel-art game, with a top-down perspective that is similar to Stardew Valley. It is similar in some ways to Stardew valley, but it is not a farming game. It’s pretty different.

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