Every Hisuian Variant Revealed in Pokemon Legends: Arceus So Far

Every Hisuian Variant Revealed in Pokemon Legends: Arceus So Far

Every Hisuian Variant Revealed in Pokemon Legends: Arceus So Far

Each new region brings new variants of Pokemon. It is only natural that Pokemon will take on different traits depending on where they live. Pokemon Legends: ArceusThis trend will continue, with the addition of its own collection of prehistoric Pokemon.

Since none of these variants was found in modern Sinnoh games and the Hisui area is an ancient Sinnoh territory, it is possible to infer that they are not due to climate. It is possible to assume that each Pokemon evolved to gain and lose traits, which would allow them to become the familiar Pokemon we know today. Although only a few have been confirmed, there will likely be many regional variants in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Hisuian Growlithe

Growlithe is one of the most well-known fire-types in Generation 1. She has a distinctive look in Pokemon Legends, Arceus. Hisuian Growlithe has a darker fur than the Pokemon’s original appearance. His formerly short, beige fur is now longer and lighter grey. The fire-type has a distinctive, fragile horn at the top of its head.

The horn is made of rock. This makes Hisuian Growlithe fire/rock-type. Original Growlithe was only fire-type. The Asian versions are more comfortable around humans than the other Pokemon game’s Growlithes.

Hisuian Braviary

This twist on the Unova region’s normal/flying-type Pokemon boasts a significantly different colour scheme than its original version. It has a primarily grey body with white wings and heads and a purple flame in its plumage. Hisuian Braviary, however, is not a fire-type. It is a psychic/flying type. According to Pokemon Legends Arceus’ website, this variant can use its psychic abilities to increase physical strikes. One can certainly expect it to have a move to boost its stats based upon this description.


Although there is no standard Wyrdeer version, it is an exclusive Hisui-evolved evolution of a Pokemon called Stantler. This deer-like Pokemon, which was introduced in Pokemon Gold, had never been able to evolve. After transforming a Stantler from Pokemon Legends, the normal-type Pokemon will become a Wyrdeer and become psychically typed. Wyrdeer is one of only a few rideable Pokemon currently confirmed for Pokemon Legends Arceus. The trailer shows it looking just as graceful in motion in the trailer as in its official artwork.


The last confirmed regional variant is quite large. It measures nearly ten feet in length and weighs over 200 pounds. Like Wyrdeer, Basculegion doesn’t exist outside of the Hisui region. Still, Basculin that evolves within the region can become this mammoth creature, appropriately categorized as the “Big Fish Pokemon.”

The Pokemon’s name itself is worth dissecting too. The “legion” portion of “Basculegion” results from the Pokemon becoming possessed by souls from perished Basculin. It remains to be seen how or if this piece of lore will be reflected into gameplay, but it is certainly one of the best pieces of Pokemon lore.

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