Knights of the Old Republic Remake Might Struggle With Malak

Knights of the Old Republic Remake Might Struggle With Malak

Knights of the Old Republic Remake Might Struggle With Malak

With aStar Wars: Knights of the Old RepublicRemake is now confirmed. However, it remains to see how Aspyr will deal with the antagonist. The rumours about Aspyr handling the antagonist are true, even though star WarsIt’s hard to believe that a franchise is the home of one of cinematic history’s most famous villains. Darth Vader really does look intimidating, does sound the line. Although the whole franchise has some issues with its villains being too frightening, it is understandable. Star wars are marketed mainly towards children, but it still holds a stronghold on the toys market.

This issue is even found in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, one of the many franchise video games. Bioware’s 2003 RPG is frequently included in lists that list the best Star Wars video games. It allows the player to experience a new world and can help them define their character. You can use any colour lightsaber or join the dark side to wield force lightning. Darth Malak, the antagonist of the game, may be a challenge in the remake. Due to the mystery of the Old Republic universe, Darth Malak was frightening in the original. Darth Malak doesn’t feel nearly as frightening now that the Old Republic is fully explored and the title has aged.

The Villain Problem

If two characteristics can be attributed to Darth Malak, he has a metal jaw-like apparatus and tight, bright orange clothing. Ironically, both of these attributes hinder his ability to breathe properly. Bioware likely wanted to create a villain that could mirror Darth Vader without coming across as a ‘carbonite’ copy of him. The result is a serviceable enough bad guy, but like other Projects such as Mass Effect by BiowareWhat makes it special? Star Wars: Knights of the Old RepublicIts villain is not great. Knights of the Old republic is wonderful because of the atmosphere, the companions and the many twists in the beautifully written stories. Darth Malak is a plot device. He was scary 18 years ago, but not today.


Like Darth Vader’s inspiration Darth Malak, it was extremely tense every time he was in a scene. This is not Vader’s fault. It’s more about the surrounding villains than the villain. Malak doesn’t get much screen time to show off his villainous skills, unfortunately. Sure, it’s a little creepy to see someone with a metal jaw, and Malak is undeniably a fierce and brutal sith lord, especially after he saw further characterization in various novels. Still, some aspects of him should change for the remake. Aspyr could inspire Obsidian’s 2004, appropriately titled sequel Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: Sith Lords to create intimidating Star Wars villains.

Malak’s character will not be changed in the remake. However, it is unlikely. Darth Malak does provide a unique challenge for Aspyr, as it can do a lot more when translating him to modern consoles and PC. The final fight against Malak could be extremely frightening if combat is also overhauled. This is because Malak will siphon life from nearby Jedi. The remake must take Darth Malak to its extreme if it wants to recreate the feeling of wonder gamers felt in the original almost two decades ago.

You could make minor changes to his appearance so that he isn’t as blocky and orange, or add a few more cutscenes so that the player can fear him. Think of Darth Vader’s first appearance in Star Wars. The Knights of the Old Republic could also be remade as one of the most unique and interesting stories in the Star Wars universe with major lighting and graphic changes. However, the villain must always be the focal point.

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