The Eternal Cylinder’s nightmare geometry finally rolls out this month

Ace Team’s massive geometry nightmare The Eternal Cylinder, which is a colossal puzzle in geometry, has arrived at Epic Games Store. A new trailer shows it looking just as bizarre as ever.
The Eternal Cylinder, a bizarre survival toolbox, is a mix of Spore and eldritch nightmare. You guide a group of sprog-like “Trebhums”, away from dangers and predators.

Your critters can make evolution possible by visiting ancient shrines or eating certain plants. They can grow fur to face the cold, sprout extra eyes, and balloon with helium. It’s possible that some strange, human-adjacent creatures may jump from the cylinder’s path to stop your plans.

It’s kinda like the second stage in Spore. But it also reminds of the days when there were many games that made you look like a bug-eyed alien creature named “Zarp Fleeble”. (The ’90s, like The Eternal Cylinder) Jody wrote in March during his hands-on preview. They don’t make any games like this anymore, except for Outer Wilds. Most of those were garbage. However, the Eternal Cylinder is not garbage.

It’s hilariously absurd and to be expected from Zeno Clash, the developer of games such as Rock of Ages or Zeno Clash. The latter is seeing a surprising revival with Clash: Artifacts of Chaos. Epic Games Store will soon have the Eternal Cylinder available for purchase on September 30.

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