The Most Powerful Beings In All Of Middle Earth

The Most Powerful Beings In All Of Middle Earth

The Most Powerful Beings In All Of Middle Earth

Tolkien’s books include many racesThe Lord of the RingsThe world includes Men, Hobbits and Elves, Dwarves or Orcs, Trolls, Trolls, Ents, and Dwarves. Other spiritual beings include the Valar, Maiar, Wizards and other spiritual ones. There are also many monstrous creatures such as dragons, Balrogs and gigantic tentacled monsters. Each Middle Earth being is unique and has its own strengths. But who is the strongest? Which one has the greatest power? Which one is the most powerful? Sauron is the most dangerous, but there are many other powerful beings.

It can be difficult to navigate the Lord of the Rings universe. Less powerful characters often defeat characters known for being the most powerful and greatest. This was the case when Isildur, a member of the race of Man, took his father’s sword to defeat the powerful Dark Lord Sauron. Or when Merry (a Hobbit) and Eowyn (a human and a Hobbit) defeated the Witch King of Angmar, who was both the leader of the Ringwraiths and Sauron’s second-in-command. One could also argue that Sam, Shelob, and the Orcs shouldn’t defeat the Hobbits.

These events were either a result of fate, destiny or an untold prophecy. The best traits that take them from ordinary to power for some of these characters would be their old age and experience. Treebeard is the oldest of Middle Earth’s living creatures, and the Ents (specifically Treebeard) are among them. Treebeard, a Shepard of the Forest, heard and led the Last March of the Ents against Isengard. This caused the great White Wizard his untimely demise.

The Great Eagles of Manwe, a powerful and ancient creature, were sentient beings. Tolkien initially described them to be bird-shaped Maiar. Later, they were described as animals that were taught the language and helped in the destruction and transport of Sam and Frodo away from Mount Doom. Gwaihir, Landroval and Meneldor were the most prominent Great Eagles.

There are many giant monsters in The Lord of the Rings, some of which are not on either side of the conflict, but they are so strong and large that they are among the most powerful creatures on Middle Earth. Shelob and The Watcher in Water are two examples of such monstrous creatures. Shelob lived in the Cirith Ungol pass (also known as Torch Ungol) and waited for unsuspecting creatures passing by to feed on her. Shelob did not discriminate, and she chose her victims randomly, much like The Watcher in Water, a gigantic tentacled monster that lurked in the dark, stagnant lake outside of the West Doors of Durin.

This giant sea monster was powerful enough to trap the Dwarves inside the Mines of Moria and even kill Gimli’s uncle, Oin. Gandalf suggested that the Watcher was very old and powerful as it had been living in the deepest parts of the planet for some time. The Lord of the Rings also has other powerful and gigantic creatures, the Balrogs of Smaug. Balrogs are fallen Maiar, who Melkor, the first Dark Lord, seduced. They were so powerful that even Gandalf, the Grey, was afraid of them. Although there were many more powerful dragons than Smaug, he was the last great one. Because of his long-lasting control and greed over The Lonely Mountain’s treasures, as well as the Dwarven countryside near him, he makes it to the top.

The most powerful people on Middle Earth are the Wizards. Five Wizards were found in Middle Earth: Saruman, Gandalf and Radagast. The two Blue Wizards Alatar, Pallando, and Radagast. These Wizards were Maiar spirits disguised in old Men and sent to help the Free Peoples of Middle Earth. They appeared to be old Men but actually grew older and had brilliant minds and powerful bodies. Saruman the White was the most powerful until he was corrupted and outranked by the resurrected Gandalf the White, who banished Saruman from the Order of Wizards and took his place. Tolkien’s Unfinished Tales stated that the total number of Wizards on Middle Earth was unknown. This contradicted previous books.

Elves can be described as the “immortals, wisest, and fairest of all creatures.” The Lord of the Rings had many powerful Elves, including Glorfindel and Cirdan, Celeborn and Galadriel. Elrond was the son of an Elf maiden and a Man. Elrond was given the option to choose between Elf and Man. He founded Rivendell. He was a great influencer, warrior, and powerful leader. Galadriel and Celeborn, husband and wife, were among the oldest and wisest Elves on Middle Earth during the Third Age. Galadriel, the owner of the Ring of Water (one of three Rings of Power granted to the Elves), is believed to be the most powerful Elf and capable of causing more destruction and terror than Sauron if she used her power for evil.

Even other races don’t consider the race of Men as important. The Lord of the RingsThey fall prey to their desire for power. Aragorn, however, is the most powerful of all the races of Men. A fierce warrior, he is loyal to Frodo in his quest to destroy the Ring. Aragorn is a brave leader. He even fights off in the movies. One man defeated the Nazgul. One of The Nine was The Witch-King Angmar, who is the leader of the Ringwraiths. According to legend, the Witch-King could not be killed by any man and was therefore indestructible. He could only be killed by one of his Daggers of Westernesse that Tom Bombadil gave to the Hobbits (which is why many believe Tom Bombadil to be one of Middle Earth’s most important and powerful characters).

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