Radiohead is an Epic Games Store exclusive

Radiohead will launch an interactive digital exhibit to commemorate the 21st anniversary of their celebrated Kid A and Amnesiac albums. The teaser below, which was revealed today at Sony’s PS5-oriented State of Play, confirms that the Epic Games Store will release the exclusive Epic Games Store title in November. It’s also coming to PS5.
Epic Games created the Kid A Mnesia Exhibition, and the studio named the machine. Famous Radiohead collaborators Stanley Donwood (artist) and Nigel Godrich (audio design) contributed artwork and sound design. You will also find music from the Radiohead albums.

It is vaguely similar to the artwork that was included with those albums in the early 2000s. Donwood’s graffiti art was placed on gritty cement walls in an industrial setting reminiscent of Control. Although it does look a little edgier, the trailer’s presentation was probably meant to be more sexually provocative, given that it was unveiled at a Sony party.

There is no word on the price or how interactive it will be. I imagine you’ll roam around different environments while listening to songs from both albums. This is not the first time that an artist has released a game to accompany a new album. Gatekeeper’s 2012 album EXO featured an explorable first-person environment.

These two albums will be reissued with some never-heard material, probably on the exact date of the exhibition.

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