Alan Wake Remastered will Remove Product Placements As seen in the Original

Alan Wake Remastered will Remove Product Placements As seen in the Original

Alan Wake Remastered will Remove Product Placements As seen in the Original.

The console’s predecessor generation was regarded as a survival horror gem. Alan WakeMany fans are excited about this one. Recent developments screenshots are taken from the Remedy Entertainment Classic already show improvements for those who still fondly recall the original; October 5 is not far away. A spokesperson for the developer confirmed that there was one thing the original game did not have that the remaster would remove.

Alan Wake’s first release was in 2010. It featured branding from real products. Some of these products played an important part in the gameplay. Billboards in Bright Falls, where the game takes place, featured logos from Verizon and Energizer batteries. Screen Rant was recently informed by a Remedy PR rep that these logos would not be displayed in the remaster. Instead, generic, fictional brands will be used.

According to the report, the reason for this is that the brand deals for these companies have expired. Although the ads won’t be displayed in the remaster, a rumored Alan Wake 2 in development could lead to new brand deals around the globe. These speculations are not confirmed. However, Ford and Verizon won’t be appearing in the remaster shouldn’t scare anyone. A representative said that music and TV shows from the original game would be available in the remaster.

Last week was the official announcement of the Alan Wake remaster. This was quickly followed by the release date. Many were surprised by how close the announcement was to the release date, which is only a few more weeks away. This suggests that the studio has been working on it for some time. However, it could also indicate that there was no sequel in mind.

Whatever the reason, 2021 is shaping up to be an excellent year for horror games. The likes of Back 4 Blood and Resident Evil Village and independent titles like Chernobylite have received lots of praise. Although the Alan Wakeremaster might not be as good as some had hoped, it will allow those who missed it to revisit it and discover the things that everyone loved. Older fans will be able to relive the horrors of Bright Falls.

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