Fans spot another hint that Resident Evil 4 will be getting a remake

Fans spot another hint that Resident Evil 4 will be getting a remake

Fans spot another hint that Resident Evil 4 will be getting a remake.

Survival fans have waited for official information about a possible rebirth for some time. Resident Evil 4Remake, which has so far not happened. This is a good thing.RE4 consistently ranks as the best game of the series’s not surprising that gamers want to see this horror movie in the third person reimagined for modern audiences. Fans continue to search for any clues to this franchise’s possible remake. One fan claims they have found another hidden gem.

Reddit user CoronaBeer51 posted a screenshot and the entire video from the PlayStation Showcase. It shows that within two minutes of the Showcase starting, a symbol appears. This could be a hint at Resident Evil 4. This suggests that the video was trying to suggest that a remake might be coming soon. This is what the fans are hoping for, at least.

The PlayStation Showcase video shows the military entering a palatial building at the 1:46 mark. A symbol can be seen just to the right. Although it is only visible for a second, it has been identified as the symbol of Las Plagas. This means “the plague.” Las Plagas is the name of the parasites that infect Resident Evil 4’s villagers. The symbol is not mentioned in the video. It is only briefly visible as part of the background. However, it is making fans believe that something may be happening with Resident Evil 4.

With official sources even hinting at an RE4 remake, it can be difficult for some in the community not to think that it’s actually happening. Although there isn’t anything set in stone yet,, Capcom can’t ignore what fans want, especially since hints popping up in videos.

It’s still a beloved game at 16 years old. Resident Evil 4 was mentioned in Village this year, with the reintroduction of the typewriter save feature. This feature was discontinued in Resident Evil 5. Many will hope that the Plagas symbol doesn’t mean anything and isn’t just a coincidence.

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