Borderlands Fan Shares Neat Vault Hunter Icon Sets

Borderlands Fan Shares Neat Vault Hunter Icon Sets

Borderlands Fan Shares Neat Vault Hunter Icon Sets

Unique art styles and designs are the hallmarks of the theBorderlandsFans have long been inspired to create fan art for the series, particularly around the characters that can be controlled from title to title. One fan has been particularly interested in some borderlands key characters. You can take different pieces from the franchise and create a series of pieces that showcase these designs.

Plates & Oatcakes, an Instagram artist, posted this new set of Borderlands fan artwork. This set is reminiscent of their earlier work creating icons for other video game franchises.

The latest pieces show the player characters from the third and fourth Borderlands titles. However, the artist has previously drawn other characters from this series. Although the icons are simple, they add a little flair to each piece. Borderlands 3’s FL4K includes one of his signature pets, whereas Lilith, from the original game, is bordered with firey phoenix wings to match her role as the Firehawk.

Although it is not clear that the artist has the complete set of Borderlands 2 characters, certain characters included in this entry are part of their larger collection of icons. So, fan-favorite characters like Tiny Tina, Handsom Jack, and Zero have icons, but the full cast from that title doesn’t seem to have been completed. The list of characters that have been reimagined into icons is extensive. If the artist is still searching for the Borderlands series, they will soon cover more characters.

The guns in Borderlands may keep players coming back to the series, but the characters are the main reason they came back. Many places in the franchise can inspire a new piece of art, both for the playable characters and the supporting characters. The series has a strong fan base, so there will be many more pieces to come.

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