Horizon Zero Dawn could be coming to fall guys

Horizon Zero Dawn could be coming to fall guys

Horizon Zero Dawn could be coming to fall guys.

The PlayStation Showcase had many interesting announcements, especially in the last 10 minutes. The event started with an advertisement that was full of references. Fans may have seen one such tease, which suggests a collaboration between the two companies—Fall GuysAndAloy from Horizon Zero Dawn.

These collaborations are not uncommon. Fall Guys recently added costumes from Ratchet and Clank for a short time. Fans had to earn 3200 points by completing various challenges. This allowed them to unlock a complete Ratchet costume. An additional 3200 points were required to unlock the full Clank costume. Players could not unlock the banner of Rivet from Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart. You can expect a similar mashup to the Horizon Zero Dawn event.

Reddit user shared the following screenshot. A few posters are visible in the lower-left corner of this screen, which subtly hints at the new collaboration. Although the image isn’t exactly clear, it does depict a Fall Guys character wearing an Aloy costume. Although there has been no official announcement about this partnership, fans can expect Aloy as another limited-time event. It is possible that the tease doesn’t lead anywhere. However, it is reasonable to assume that Aloy will be included in Fall Guys at some point.

These posters can be hard to miss since many eyes will likely be on Nathan Drake and Chloe Frazer, both from the Uncharted series. Their presence in the trailer was actually used to announce Uncharted 4 (and The Lost Legacy) coming to PS5/PC, which was made later during the show. As games developed by PlayStation Studios PC, the Uncharted games join Days Gone & Horizon Zero Dawn. This further proves Sony’s desire to make older titles accessible on the platform.

Sony has participated in numerous such events to promote Aloy, Horizon Forbidden West, and launch next February on PS4/PS5. Aloy was recently added to Fortnite and was given away as a 5-star character in Genshin Impact. As Sony ramps up marketing for their next entry in the biggest first-party franchises, fans can expect more collaborations.

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