Dodge undersea prehensile penises with teeth in Swallow the Sea

A strange subgenre is videogames I call “fleshy Bummer-Horror.” These games thrive on gross, meat-filled brutalism. Walls and floors writhe, blood flows freely, and there is a high chance of getting necrotizing fasciitis. You can think of Carrion’s relentless blob or Binding on Isaac’s matricide.
Swallow the Sea is the latest addition to this growing list of visually gross video games. They are both disturbing and amusing. It rose up the ranks on, where it was available for “pay what you like”, before being released on Steam last month to reach even more people.

You begin your life as an underwater zygote in a 15-minute run. Then you explore the surrounding waters, which are full lifeforms that can feed on them. Feeding Frenzy’s fish-eat-fish approach is reinterpreted with skull-faced and prehensile worms grasping at you with strangely human teeth.

Swallow the Sea’s sea life isn’t just plagued by strangely phallic predators. Your undersea home shifts quickly from rocky passageways into fleshy, decayed tunnels after the tunnel. The world above these waters is becoming increasingly sick. In the eyes of larger lifeforms, it appears that I am a parasite. It is easy to picture Swallow the Sea occurring in poisoned water used for waste disposal, full of the remains of dead animals that have no chance of survival. Unfortunately, it’s all too common in modern times.

Or, a purple-colored human-faced worm, is the star of the show. Sega’s Seaman was the last fish to be so disturbing. Yet, it’s hard not to blame Orro for wanting a meal. I wish he wouldn’t have to chase me from hiding to hide, Mr. X-style while chomping at my hide. I can’t blame him either, because I’m doing the same thing in every Feeding Frenzy game. I’m eating smaller versions of my brethren, and eventually making my predators my evening snack. It’s not true that I am the one who was able to steal the largest meals before my life took me.

It’s not something I will spoil, but Swallow the Sea maintains that brutally honest nihilism until the end of your short life. Food chains must end somewhere.

You can get it on Steam for free. It takes only 15 minutes and is a great way of making you feel like you saw something that you didn’t. Perfect Vermin, the first game by the developers, is free and evokes similar feelings.

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