Ethan Hawke Is Playing Batman In A Very Interesting New DC Project

Ethan Hawke Is Playing Batman In A Very Interesting New DC Project

It is always interesting to see how people treat their cars like regular people. Someone had an idea similar to the Batman mythos, and nobody else thought so. The DC Universe has a new project that will allow the world to see the answer to the question, “What if Pixar’s Cars had Batman?”

Warner Bros. is creating an animated series featuring some of DC Comics’ most famous vehicles. They all talk. The project, Batwheels, has been teased for some. Now, more details, including Batman’s voice, are being revealed. Ethan Hawke will play the role of the caped crusader. The show’s preschool audience will surely appreciate his long film career and dramatic abilities. This will be Hawke’s first appearance in Marvel’s series Moon Knight with Oscar Isaac.

But wheels are based on vehicles, which are sentient machines that were created by the Batcomputer. They all have the life experience of children and are essentially crime-fighting children. Although Hawke was announced as the Dark Knight’s Dark Knight, Batman and his regular team will be in the back seat.

Apart from Hawke, Batwheels also will feature other Bat-family members like Robin and Batgirl and many other original characters. Robin will not be the Tim Drake or Dick Grayson version. This is a refreshing change. Duke Thomas, a young Black teen, will take on the Robin role. He was a vigilante who began his career in crime-fighting by taking up the Robin mantle and hundreds of other teens to defend Gotham after Batman disappeared. A.J. Hudson will voice him. Hudson. Leah Lewis will play the Cassandra Cain version of Batgirl.

Jacob Bertrand plays Bam the Batmobile, and Mick Wingert is Batman’s robotic repairman. Kimberly Brooks is the Batcomputer. Brooks was Gunnery Chief Ashley Williams’s Batcomputer in the Mass Effect trilogy. Each vehicle will be given a voice, with Jordan Reed as Robin’s sports car Redbird and Madigan Kacmar playing Batgirl’s motorcycle Bibi. Noah Bentley plays Buff, the monster truck, while Lilimar Hernandez voices the iconic Batwing.

Batwheels has yet to be released, but it is sure to be an original idea for a children’s show. It’s not surprising that the Batman universe, and DC in general, lend themselves well to family entertainment ( Zack Snyder’s offerings aside), so it’s not surprising to see such an episode. It’ll be surreal to see the Batmobile acting as if they were a little child playing with their Batman toys in the sandbox. Are children still allowed to play in sandboxes today? You can’t answer this question.

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