Alan Wake Remastered Won’t Have Ray Tracing, But Will Support Nvidia’s Upscaling

Alan Wake Remastered Won’t Have Ray Tracing, But Will Support Nvidia’s Upscaling

Remedy Entertainment’s survival horror take, Alan Wake, is rapidly approaching its release date. Fans have been hoping for a remake or an Alan Wake2, as it is a classic game on the previous generation of consoles. The developer stated that although the upcoming remaster will feature a complete overhaul of the graphics for this generation, it will not include one element that has been an industry standard for many years.

The Alan Wake FAQ page reveals that the remaster won’t support ray-tracing. Ray tracing is a popular algorithmic feature in many new games, particularly triple-AAA games. It allows for more realistic lighting and shadows. Although this feature won’t be included in the Remedy Remaster, the FAQ page states that it was due to time. It also says that HDR and ray tracing are not allowed as they would require resources that could be used for “other critical areas” during game development.

The positive side is that Alan Wake will now support Nvidia’s DLSS, a method of scaling resolutions to higher. Similar to ray tracing and DLSS, DLSS is a standard in modern gaming. It uses an algorithm that redraws pixels to increase the resolution to make it comparable to a native high-resolution display. This visual feature is likely to be a hit with fans. The developer remains confident that the game looks great, even without ray-tracing.

Some screenshots from Alan Wake Remastered are already shown. This version has 4K visuals and is clearly different from the original. While it retains its original look from 2010, it has been updated with character models and other improvements to be compatible with many modern games.

The developer confirmed that the remake Alan Wake had removed the product placements from the Xbox classic. This version of the survival horror video game will not feature companies like Verizon or Ford. Instead, generic fictional brands will replace them. This is not likely to deter people from playing the game, especially since it is a remaster of a classic that has been sought for a while.

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