Knights of the Old Republic Remake Goes Full Circle with PlayStation and Xbox

Knights of the Old Republic Remake Goes Full Circle with PlayStation and Xbox

Although there were high expectations for the PlayStation Showcase, it surprised many fans when it opened with the Knights of the Old Republic. Although it didn’t display much other than the Remake logo and Aspyr’s name, as well as a rendering Revan, it ignited the Star Wars fandom.

It’s now more of a question about when the show will be more popular. Fans are likely to be waiting as it was only a teaser. No release window was provided. However, many would agree that a well-done Knights of the Old Republic remake is worth the wait. It’s only a PS5 exclusive and will not be available on Xbox One or PS5 for six months to a year. That’s strange.

This is odd because Star Wars games are often multi-platform due to their popularity today, but KOTOR has never been. KOTOR was first released on Xbox in July 2003. It was later made available for PC in November. Aspyr would port the game to Mac OS X and iOS. The game is also compatible with Xbox 360 and Xbox One via backward compatibility.

KOTOR 2 was released first for Xbox in 2004. It was then released for PC in 2005. Aspyr handled port releases in 2015. But neither Aspyr’s ports nor the base game ever touched a PlayStation. In a way, KOTOR has come full circle. The original games cannot be played on PC or Xbox, and the KOTOR Remake can only be played on PC and PS5 at launch.

It’s not clear how this happened, but it means the KOTOR Remake will bring it all back. This will be the first time that the game has been released on PlayStation consoles. It will eventually launch on Xbox. Xbox might offer a Game Pass deal at the time. However, it remains to be determined.

The future of Star Wars gaming looks bright with the end of the EA exclusive contract, the reestablishment, and multiplatform announcements of KoTOR Remake and Lucasfilm Games. You can also add LEGO Star Wars and Jedi: Fallen Order 2 to make the future look even more promising than you think.

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