Steam Deck Dev-Kits Now Being Sent Out to Developers

Steam Deck Dev-Kits Now Being Sent Out to Developers

The upcoming Valve-handled PC Steam deck product has the potential for mobile gaming. The device has been praised by Phil Spencer, Xbox, and the rest of the gaming community, especially because it can play all games in a Steam library. Valve has started shipping development kits for partners as studios look into making the device compatible.

According to a Steam post, dev-kits have been sent to all those who will be testing games on the Steam Deck. Although dev-kits are limited in number, they enable studios and partners to ensure that their games work with the handheld system. Another post on the Steam documentation site states that although the kits will look the same as those customers receive upon release, the design kits will differ cosmetically. It does mention that testing shouldn’t be affected by this.

The Deck is still under development. Partners are reminded that there will be periodic updates to the dev kit and that users testing games shouldn’t share images of SteamOS or the Linux-based operating systems that the Deck uses. Valve states that partners can share photos and videos of dev-kit hardware as long as they are related to the specific games being tested.

The Stream Deck is a unique handheld gaming device, despite its similarities and Nintendo’s Switch OLED due to release at the end of this year. It is basically a portable computer. Valve even stated that the Deck would support game mods just like a regular home computer. It will be pre-installed in SteamOS. However, the device can be formatted to have Windows installed, just like many other PCs.

The Stream Deck is still a remarkable piece of hardware, despite concerns about whether it will work with every game. The device will be available in December, and Valve is still working hard to bring it up to the standards it wants. Although Valve is known for making doomed products, this device could set a new standard for mobile gaming.

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