Tales of Arise: All Ingredients to Find in Iglia Wastes

Tales of Arise: All Ingredients to Find in Iglia Wastes

Tales of Arise has been loved by both new and veteran players. The buzz surrounding it broke Tales player count on Steam in the first week. Players must stock up on the ingredients they require to benefit from the buffs that their cooking provides throughout the title. The game’s first realm offers ample farming opportunities. The best place to farm in Calaglia is the Iglia Wastes.

Iglia Wastes

As gamers enter the Wastes, they will see an ivy ladder on the left. Players can climb it to find a new ingredient at the bottom of the stairs. You can use the potatoes you find there to make a new recipe.

Fans can continue to follow the upward curve to find wheat if they want. This will increase the supply from Sandius Ramine.

To find the remains of an abandoned home, follow the wolves to your right. Tales of Arise players may turn right at the house for more potatoes.

Players should continue on the main path until they find a tree with sparkles at its foot. Wheat can be found by looking at the sparkles. A house is located across from it. To grab a few mushrooms, players can quickly stop by.

Players can continue following the main road once again after passing the tree. However, they may be diverted by the remnants of a housewall. Fans should be able to see sparkles by jumping over the house wall. Those who follow them will be rewarded with potatoes once they have been collected.

The Iglia Wastes has a large tree high up on a hill at one of its highest points. To the right of that tree is a hidden hole in a cliffside. You will find another tree with sparkling roots and smaller trees around it. The game gives you more wheat by collecting the plants that are found there. Players who turn left will eventually find another group of potatoes.

Huge, eroded columns mark the entrance to the Fagan Ruins. These are the locations players need to find Shionne’s request for a new outfit. Tales enthusiasts can use the pond between the 2nd and 3rd columns on the right to catch quick carp. It also doubles up as one of the Tales of Arise’s fishing spots. Another pond is just a few steps away that offers additional carp.

Players can claim these ingredients and locate them on the map while they travel through Calaglia. Fans can quickly travel and can return to the wastes for more ingredients. Players won’t need to worry about running out of ingredients because they can always return for more and even get extra EXP.

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