Elijah Wood Has Thoughts On Possible Lord Of The Rings 20-Year Reunion

Elijah Wood Has Thoughts On Possible Lord Of The Rings 20-Year Reunion

Lord of the Rings has seen a revival in popularity recently. What is the reason? It might be a better question to ask: Why has it not been so popular in the past? It could have something to do this year with the 20th anniversary of the film’s first release. However, do Elijah Wood or the other stars plan to make a big deal out of it?

According to Frodo, the chances of this happening are slim for now. Wood spoke recently about the possibility of the cast being reunited for a 20-year Lord of the Rings reunion. This is a significant occasion. It seems almost a natural thing to have such an event. This is not a normal year, and it would be more than just putting on the One Ring to escape from these circumstances.

Wood spoke with Looper about the possibility of a reunion and said that there had been discussions. However, he added that it is not yet possible to unite for several reasons. It’s also complicated because of COVID. Wood stated that he didn’t believe we could reach New Zealand. “In fact, we wouldn’t be able to get to New Zealand without some major permits and some kind of route in there. This is something I think is possible but it’s closed down.” Any Lord of the Rings reunion must take place in New Zealand. A business meeting at Chuck E. Cheese would be unacceptable.

It will be 20 years since The Fellowship of the Ring made its way to theaters. It was a huge success and was viewed by millions as the definitive J.R.R.R. movie. Tolkien’s fantasy epic. This is not to mention the eventual release of the Lord of the Rings extended Editions which caused 12-hour movie marathons all over the globe to the detriment of many couch cushions.

Wood’s comments are perfectly understandable. Understandably, the cast members were discussing a reunion. However, they don’t want to risk large gatherings while the deadly pandemic continues. The real-world equivalent to orcs is simply people who refuse vaccinations for everyone’s safety. It is not as simple as removing an all-seeing ruler bent on world dominance to fix the problem that prevents the reunion. But don’t be discouraged. Wood is optimistic. He said, “I believe there will absolutely be a gathering.” “I know that we all want to celebrate together, and I believe we should be able to find a space that suits everyone. Many people would love to gather around a large table to share their experiences, stories and just have a good time.

There will be at most 2 more chances to have a proper Lord of the Rings reunion thanks to the still-upcoming anniversaries of The Two Towers as well as the record-breaking The Return of the King. Perhaps a major event 20 years after the release of the third film would be even more appropriate. A party is neither late nor early. It will arrive exactly when it is meant to.

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