RTS Endzone: World Apart Gets ‘Prosperity’ Expansion Release Date

RTS Endzone: World Apart Gets 'Prosperity' Expansion Release Date

Real-time strategy games were a common feature of PC gaming in the 1990s. Many still enjoy the RTS genre to this day. Gentleman Studios’ Endeavour: A World Apart was released earlier this year on Steam Early Access. It has since been awarded numerous times. The game’s latest expansion, Prosperity, is now available.

Steam, GOG, and Prosperity are coming to Endzone this October. These new elements will include new materials, buildings, and challenges. According to the publisher, this DLC will allow players to relax and give them the chance to enjoy “actually enjoying life.” The developer also added some luxury items like cool ales and baths to this DLC.

The trailer for the DLC shows that the team listened and came up with new ideas to make gaming more enjoyable. Perhaps it will shift it from one of the most difficult RTS games. Prosperity adds key building elements such as water pumps that supply water to settlements and new production sites like a concrete factory and sand mine.

The Endzone original RTS game Warcraft Command and Conquer is not your typical survival sim. Players are required to build settlements in harsh and unforgiving environments. It is a difficult game where radiation, toxic rain, sandstorms, and radiation can make the environment dangerous. Schools, farms, and other structures are needed to ensure that a population grows and stays alive. Prosperity takes these aspects and creates a safer way of life.

Assemble Entertainment has published the Leisure Suit Larry game’s modern versions. The company says that the DLC will be available on PC on October 21. According to the company, Prosperity will feature a more extravagant gameplay style, but that doesn’t mean the risks of the base game are going away. The developer seems to have taken steps to make RTS more accessible for players.

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