Tom Hardy Movies To Watch To Prepare For Venom 2

Tom Hardy Movies To Watch To Prepare For Venom 2

Three years have passed since Venom was released by Sony. MCU fans were pleasantly surprised at how well they told Eddie Brock’s story. Even though the film received poor ratings from Rotten Tomatoes, IMDb and other sources, Marvel fans gave Venom high praises across the internet.

Tom Hardy was a great actor and brought his character to life in many other films. While the wait for Venom: Let There Be Carnage is now over, Hardy can still be seen in many other films while we wait anxiously for the Venom sequel.

This is War

This is War Hardy delivers the same campy tone as Venom, mixing action, adventure and raunchy comedy in telling the story of two best friend who accidentally fall for one another. Hardy also acts. Star Trek And Wonder Woman Chris Pine stars as Chris Pine. They use their FBI trainings to foil each other’s plans and save the day.

This Means War streaming on Hulu

The Dark Knight Rises

Hardy was Bane in the Dark Knight Rises movie, which was Hardy’s first appearance in the Marvel Comics world. This film is the third and final installment of Christopher Nolan’s epic Batman trilogy.

Hardy puts on his hero’s clothes and takes on the role of a big bad. He wears a mask and has his head shaved so that he is physically unrecognizable. Hardy brings the same talent and finesse to the DC villain role as he does to his other roles. He tells Bane’s story with as much conviction.

The Dark Knight Rises can be viewed on HBO Max.


Capone is a story similar to Hardy’s struggle to balance right and wrong under the influence of a symbiote. Hardy plays the role of Al Capone, a notorious gangster. This dramatic film captures his last days. As he succumbs to dementia, Capone struggles with guilt over his violent acts. Linda Cardellini plays Hardy’s wife. She has previously played the roles of Velma in Scooby-Doo, and Laura Barton as the Avengers movies.

Capone can be purchased on Amazon Prime.


Inception, another popular movie by Christopher Nolan, depicts the incredible events in a dream-world created by special technology. Hardy portrays Eames, a character who projects different identities onto other people, making him appear as someone he’s not.

This ability is similar to the ones that Loki used throughout the MCU. It makes this film the ideal choice for both Venom and Loki fans. Hardy shares many of Loki’s most notable personality traits, including a love for mischievous fun and a willingness to be a loner.

Inception streaming now on Netflix, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime.


Locke is a psychological thriller that Hardy plays the sole actor. The majority of the film takes places in a car. Hardy’s character makes many phone calls during this drive with his wife, children and boss. Tom Holland plays Eddie Hardy’s child. While other characters can be heard in the movie, it is primarily about Hardy’s mental journey. He also has life-changing conversations with his family and friends via the phone and his imagination.

Although this movie isn’t as action-packed as Spider, it captures Hardy’s ability perfectly to portray the difficulties people face in deciding right from wrong.

Locke streaming currently on Showtime


Before Venom, Let There Be Carnage was the most obvious movie. It is, however, the original venom film. Because of his performance as Eddie Brock, Tom Hardy is the most well-known actor. Fans who have not seen this movie in years should watch it again and catch up on any details that were missed during the first viewing. Venom has a lot of Easter eggs. This is Marvel’s usual style, even though it’s not part of the official MCU. The post-credit scene even sets the stage for the sequel.

Fans hope that the sequel will open the series up to more installments. Even Kevin Feige, the Marvel Studios president has hinted at the possibility of a Spider-Man/Venom crossover in future. Even though Venom has not yet made his official debut in the MCU, it is clear that his story will continue.

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