Five Years Later, Persona 5 Has Cemented Itself As A Modern Genre-Defining JRPG

Five Years Later, Persona 5 Has Cemented Itself As A Modern Genre-Defining JRPG

Five Years Later, Persona 5 Has Cemented Itself As A Modern Genre-Defining JRPG

2017 was a great year for games: Horizon Forbidden West: The Legend of Zelda, The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild; Cuphead, Nier Automata, PUBG, and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Sonic Mania. Hollow Knight. And many other titles. JRPGs, by comparison, are a niche genre compared to the open-world adventure/adventure genres and other popular genres that dominated the “Game of the Year” discussion in 2017. Despite this, there was still one JRPG that many media outlets and content creators had contention for the GOTY awards: Persona5. This is Atlus’ most recent entry in its top-rated JRPG series.

Persona 5 is now Atlus’ most loved JRPG. This is ironic considering Shin Megami Tensei started the series. The Persona series was established as its own franchise by Persona. However, Persona was the first to abandon the SMT name convention. Atlus proved that the Persona series was strong, with Persona 5 surpassing Persona 4’s impressive sales and increasing accomplishments.

Persona5 was a subtle star in 2017 when it launched, as 2017 was a huge year for games. JRPG enthusiasts who were able to jump into the game’s over 100-hour launch made a great decision. Persona offered every aspect of a great JRPG: A captivating and global adventure, a fun cast of characters, tons of mechanical complexity, potential min-maxing, and the unique dichotomy between dungeon crawling (and social simulator) that Persona players love. This is probably why most games are fantastic, but the persona is unique.

The persona was a niche JRPG series even before the fifth entry. Persona games were far less popular than heavy hitters such as Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Pokemon. This was even true when Persona 3 became a huge success. Persona5 was a huge success because, in addition to all the major changes and features, accessibility was greatly improved. Persona5‘s progression and gameplay allowed for tons of variation that allowed players to enjoy the game in their own ways.

Persona 5 is one of the best JRPGs ever!

The basic setup of Persona5 is the same as previous entries in the series. A teenager is taken to a new environment and forced to adapt to it. They also have to deal with supernatural manifestations in their psyches that take them on an incredible adventure. Joker’s transformation from a timid leader to the confident leader of Phantom Thieves is gradual and built upon the character development of his friends. It’s the best thing about the game because Joker can imprint their emotions, even though Persona5 is not the best example.

The full experience of persona 5 starts to unravel during “palaces” the name Persona5 allots to the dungeons through the story. The minds of the corrupted create worlds. These worlds can be created either intentionally or accidentally by players. This is where the Personagameplay balance between dungeons and social simulators comes in. This gameplay system, which allows players to get to know their party members, secondary characters, and the experience progression and gathering Personas, has been refined and perfected more than any other entry.

The Phantom Thieves became a symbol of Atlus and Persona.

Arriving in Tokyo, learning about the trauma of Shujin students and Ryuji and Morgana, and meeting Yusuke and Makoto, Futaba and Haru. All this contributes to the emotional journey in Persona. The adventure inspired Picaresque-inspired characters. It’s a captivating and engaging story that is well worth the 100+ hours required to complete and has fast become one of the most popular JRPGs. Many fans still long to play the game again five years after it was released.

Persona 5 – Royal is the ultimate experience, but it would not exist without persona 5‘s amazing foundation. It’s an important year for persona, and Atlus will kick off Persona’s 25th-anniversary celebrations this month. This would make it unlikely that the fifth anniversary of the game is a coincidence. Sega and Atlus may announce something Persona5 related soon. However, the developer did not announce anything for Personnel 3’s 15th anniversary. So September’s announcement could have been anything. It would be nice to hear from Sega and Atlus just once more, even if this is another spin-off.

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